What exactly is bronze?

Well, it is basically a mixture of varying amounts of copper and tin with traces of iron.

How Bronze Statues are Made ?

Making a bronze sculpture is a detailed process where we use the ancient “Lost wax” process as broken down below:

• First, is to sculpt the original model in wax or clay from which the mold will be made. All the details are captured in this stage.

• Molten wax is poured into the mold, using layers from an exact duplicate.

• Wax is pulled from the mold and is detailed, chased, welded and polished—each piece may contain some variations from the original.

• Wax rods are attached to the wax casting and is dipped into liquid silica.

• The ceramic shell is then baked and wax is melted from the shell. The mold is removed from the kiln, and molten bronze is poured into the shell.

• After several hours of cooling the bronze is carefully stripped of the ceramic shell.

• If required, our craftsmen re-detail the welded marks and glass beading is done to the bronze for an even finish.

• After being hand polished and heated to await patina application, a final inspection is conducted and you have your bronze statue ready.