Bronze fountain for outdoor–Finished Untermyer Fountain

Not only are there many marble fountains and Bronze fountains for outdoor in the famous Roman cities, they have unique commemorative significance and decorative functions. Until now, many famous Bronze fountains for outdoor are still left, and some private environments have also begun. Customize these famous Bronze fountains for outdoor, our factory has many years of stunning bronze casting, each Bronze fountain for outdoor has its own character, not only high quality materials, but also some elements of their own ideas. These classic Bronze fountains for outdoor are brought back to life. While appreciating these Bronze fountains for outdoor, you will also see our mature sculpture craftsmanship and the benefits that fountains bring to people. You will choose to customize a Bronze fountain for outdoor.

Three Dancing woman fountain

Untermyer Bronze fountain for outdoor

Three Dancing Maidens depict three young women, holding hands in a circle, “whose clothes cling to their wet bodies as if they were forever in the spray of a fountain”. The Bronze fountain for outdoor consists of three jets: two on either side of the oval pool and a larger one in the center of the sculpture. The Bronze fountain for outdoor sits on a limestone plinth. The Untermyer Fountain, a gorgeous piece of beauty steals the show in Central Park. The fountain is famous for its fine sculptures. The beautiful Bronze fountain for outdoor has three young ladies dancing around holding hands. Their sun-kissed faces and wet clothes depict the joy of youth and the happiness of spring in their hearts. Untermyer Fountain is a symbol of joy, and city lovers ensure joy through its ambience that energizes the environment. This Bronze fountain for outdoor is perfect for those visiting Central Park, especially in spring, during the tulip display in early May, and in fall when Korean chrysanthemums are in bloom. Beautiful scenery surrounds this place.

Burnett Bronze fountain for outdoor

We all miss our green years, those green times make our souls young, this Burnett Bronze fountain for outdoor has done this, and brought us a lot of joy, the surface of this fountain is treated with patina bronze The way, the whole is turquoise, which represents the immortality of this scene, and it blends with the surrounding flowers and plants, which is very pleasing. On a stone, the boy is lying on the stone and playing the flute, and the girl is standing in a beautiful skirt, holding a plate in both hands, which is designed as the flowing water of the fountain. The Burnett Bronze fountain for outdoor is adapted from the acclaimed Secret Garden. The Burnett Bronze fountain for outdoor is a real inspiration. Spend an evening by the fountain, admiring the works of great writers, absorbing the essence, and marveling at the greatness of writers and sculptors’ exquisite descriptions of words and art forms. The Burnett Bronze fountain for outdoor is suitable for all nature and art lovers. It is worth a visit all year round as different flowers and trees bloom in different seasons.

Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain

The Bethesda Fountains are located at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. The fountain speaks of empowerment through its backstory and the mythology in its design, leaving every eye in awe. Our Bethesda Fountain is very popular, the bronze casting is very beautiful, and every part reflects the artistic charm of the figure sculpture. Bethesda Fountain is very large, divided into upper and lower parts, the lower part is a circle of several children in different poses, dancing their arms joyfully. Their background is a fresh leaf sculpture, and the upper part of the Bethesda Fountain is a very famous iconic archangel sculpture with three-dimensional features and delicate wings. This Bethesda Fountain brings hope to women across the city that architecture and talent are gender-neutral. Bethesda Fountain revolves around the belief in mystical healing. It is based on the Gospel of John, “The Pool of Bethesda,” which is believed to have the ability to heal pain and suffering.

Brewer Fountain 

The Brewer bronze fountain for outdoor is quite elegant, adorned with mythological gods Neptune, Amphitrite, Acis, and the nymph Galatea with a series of water spouts filling the basin which surrounds the fountain structure.

Triton fountain

Triton Fountain

This is a bronze fountain created with the theme of mythology. Triton is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. He lives at the bottom of the sea as half-man, half-fish. He rides seahorses and other monsters and blows conch shells, like his father, like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves when necessary, and scare away any giants who think it is the sound of dark beasts.

Artistic Sense of Bronze Outdoor Fountain

We recently factory finished this Bronze fountain for outdoor, the process of making it is always keeping you informed, and the finished product is stunning. Not only these famous modern fountains, but also many classic Roman fountains, we made the water part of the Bronze fountain for outdoor, the perfect combination of bronze and water gives life to the whole sculpture. During the 17th and 18th centuries, popes rebuilt other ruined Roman aqueducts and built new fountains to mark their end points, launching the Golden Age of Roman fountains. Fountains in Rome, like Rubens’ paintings, are expressions of the new Baroque style. They are packed with allegorical figures, full of emotion and movement. In these fountains, sculpture becomes the main element, and water is simply used to animate and decorate the sculpture. The Bronze fountain for outdoor, like a baroque garden, is a “visual expression of confidence and power”.

outdoor fountain

Benefits of the Bronze fountain for outdoor:

Beautify and optimize the outdoor environment

Bronze fountain for outdoor, as a decorative decoration in design, is more alive and charming than any other decoration. The separation of flowing water fountains from potted plants or characteristic plants, decorative handicrafts and lamps can change the rigid and untouched monotony of the indoor environment; flowing water, flowers and lanterns add radiance and radiance to each other, making these space phenomena new, full of vitality, and wonderful in fairyland .

Relieve stress and anxiety

The urban population density has increased, and the work rhythm has accelerated. Returning to nature, returning to nature with green mountains and green waters to relax and relieve stress and anxiety is what people are eagerly looking forward to. Bronze fountain for outdoor The gurgling sound of running water exudes a refreshing breath that penetrates into the lungs, creating an atmosphere where nature is around, making your body relax and your body glowing, relieving work stress, and nurturing your mood, Peace of mind and peaceful purpose.

Eliminate odors and purify the air

Bronze fountain for outdoor can continuously generate a large number of negative ions. The tiny water droplets of the fountain collide with air molecules, which can generate a large number of negative oxygen ions, which can further eliminate the positive ions, peculiar smell and harmful dust floating in the air, and absorb carbon dioxide and the pollutants released by home appliances. Electromagnetic radiation, making the outdoor air fresher; being in a negative ion environment will make you feel relaxed and physical!