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Hebei Quyang Aongking. Carving inherits traditional carving techniques. Combined with emerging innovative designs. The marble sculptures produced and completed are novel unique and vivid. Marble sculpture and production of marble western figures, marble mythological figures, marble traditional sculpture, marble fountain sculpture, marble animal sculpture, marble bridge railings, and other types of marble material sculpture. Below is a collection of marble works completed over the past 30 years. Each has a story, and behind the story is a recognition of Aongking. “Every marble sculpture that was done. It’s all a test for the Aongking craftsmen. Every production process is the foundation for the next one.” Here is one of the most important aphorisms that accompanied the Aongking marble team for 30 years.

Our design team injected innovative and unique design concepts into this project. We fully understand the client’s needs and vision, combined with our own artistic insights and aesthetic standards, to create a stunning sculpture. Whether it is expressing emotions, displaying a brand image, or conveying cultural values, our design concepts are always present throughout the entire project, bringing satisfaction and joy to our customers. Remove excess from a single piece of marble. It’s a marble work that the customer recognizes. No customer recognition. Every piece made is non-existent. It’s not because the sculpture has lost its carrier. It was meant to have lost the client. A piece of real marble sculpture.

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