Modern metal non-representational abstract sculpture

The production process of abstract non representational abstract sculpture:

The biggest feature of this exquisite non-representational abstract sculpture is the abstract shape, the extension and bending of a stainless steel line, a drop-shaped hollow circle below and three circles above, the beautiful curvatures are all different. But it makes up the beautiful form of the whole, a different shape from every angle. The sculpture’s surface is mirrored, and the silver stainless steel gleams in natural light. The production of this non representational abstract sculpture also requires very precise measurement and high-quality production steps. First, we need to make a 3D model. First, we need to draw the basic shape of this non representational abstract sculpture. Need to make an iron frame structure. Weld the iron frame according to the shape produced in 3D, and then have the basic shape, we will carry out stainless steel cladding. After welding, each part is firmly connected together. Finally, after polishing and polishing, this artistic non-representational abstract sculpture is formed.

The influence of 3D on nonrepresentational abstract sculpture:

Modern rapid prototyping technology has gradually penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives and has emerged in the field of non-representational abstract sculpture creation. Modern rapid prototyping technology has obvious advantages in reducing material cost, time cost, and dealing with complex structures. It can materialize two-dimensional information data into an image and three-dimensional physical sculpture in a short time. Sculpture creation is similar to painting creation. Most of them are plane hand-painted drafts at the beginning and then superimposed and beautified the effect, while the sculpture creation is further scrutiny in the physical space. Modern rapid prototyping technology automatically materializes the digital model generated by 3D scanning and stainless steel sculpture design software and transforms the virtual data state into a three-dimensional state. During the creation, the preview of the rendering effect and the three-dimensional shape can be realized, which greatly saves the sculpture’s creation. The investment of time, material, etc. can be omitted. The application of modern rapid prototyping technology in sculpture creation can bring about subversive changes to the traditional production process of sculpture creation. When making stainless steel sculptures, the first step is to draw small drawings, the second is to present and adjust the small clay sculptures, and then to create large-scale clay sculptures. Only then can the final effect be presented, and the subtle changes in each process will have an impact on the work. Modern rapid prototyping technology can subtly avoid the cumbersome process and save a lot of time.

Welding techniques for the production of metal non representational abstract sculpture:

In the history of world sculpture art, has opened up a new field for the production of non-representational abstract sculpture and the use of materials and also marked the advent of a new era. At the time, the artist himself performed the cutting of the metal. Then reassemble, weld, and create and make metal sculptures in the most direct way. His works are often a combination of a single entity and different blocks, restricted by technology, and his metal processing technology is limited to a certain extent. Selecting metal is the first step in making metal non-representational abstract sculpture. When welding sculpture, a reasonable internal structure is realized by the connection between metal and metal. It is difficult to connect metals of the same material with different thicknesses and metals of different materials to each other. Local reheating is required before processing. For example, the metal materials to be welded are different in material and thickness, or there is a difference in material type between two individuals, etc., and it is even more necessary to have a considerable understanding of metal materials. In the previous sculpture works, most of the metal and metal are connected together. Metals of different sizes are only simply combined and stacked, and the cross-section and special texture produced by the division are ignored. These textures are generated by different segmentation methods, and different segmentation methods will directly affect the form of metal non-representational abstract sculpture. The segmentation method should be carefully designed in advance according to the creative concept. The work needs to be designed in advance.


The application of lines in abstract non representational abstract sculpture:

Line is a basic element of basic modeling, which is crucial in handling the spatial relationship between block and surface, surface and volume. In terms of online expression, the freehand brushwork in its artistic creation is a kind of image creation. Both the line and the non-representational abstract sculpture creation are in the category of plastic art. The line has its own artistic rules and characteristics, and the two are interrelated and inseparable… The change of line is more free, while the sculpture can only express the instantaneous action and space state. Non representational abstract sculpture is a frozen poem, which cannot describe the entire storyline and development process like literary works and TV dramas. Sculpture works mainly express the Aongking author’s intentions and thematic ideas through physical forms, body language, and instant images of movements, and strengthen the “body”, “shape” and “spirit” of the object. The lines in stainless steel non-representational abstract sculpture have developed into various forms after years of exploration and practice by the artist. Lines that are rhythmic and melodious, expressing tenacity and appearing rich and full; lines that are flowing like clouds and flowing water, appear unrestrained, smooth, elegant, and round, showing a magnificent sense of beauty; lines that are relaxed and moderate, convey the romanticism of music. This has important reference significance for exploring and developing contemporary sculpture language, and gradually forming contemporary stainless steel non-representational abstract sculpture with national characteristics.

Features and innovations of non-representational abstract sculpture:

As a branch of sculpture art, the abstract non-representational abstract sculpture is more active today in the 21st century with rapid development. It is loved by people for its features of abstraction, modernity, simplicity, rationality and sensibility, geometry, and concept. As one of the manifestations of modern art, the formal composition of abstract stainless steel sculptures is becoming more and more simple. Abstract non-representational abstract sculpture emphasizes the artist’s subjective idea, which is to extract certain factors from real life, separate and combine, swim and condense in space, such as point, line, surface, body, color, and other modeling elements, through simple modeling The interaction of elements constitutes a certain visual image, conveys a certain meaning, and forms a sculpture type of a certain atmosphere and beauty. Abstract non-representational abstract sculpture is the connotation of philosophical or analytical beauty and forms the aesthetic characteristics of novelty, disorder, and disharmony in the category of aesthetics. The abstract non-representational abstract sculpture has incomprehensible places and a kind of arrogant mystery. It is because of this that we pursue his art more forcefully.