The World in the Mirror– Anish Kapoor sculptures 

1. Who is Anish Kapoor?
Anish Kapoor, British Artist of Indian origin. He was born in Mumbai, India. He moved to London in the early 1970s to study art, and later lived and worked there. Because of this experience, his works are seen as a combination of Indian and Western spirits.

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He has been polishing the highly reflective surfaces of stainless steel. These works act like mirrors, reflecting or distorting the viewer and his surroundings.
2. What famous artworks does Anish Kapoor have?
Anish is best known for his large Anish Kapoor sculptures. Such as Turning the World Upside Down, The bean(also be called Cloud Gate), Sky Mirror, Tall Tree&The Eye, Steel eye……
(1) Turning the World Upside Down stainless steel sculpture
This large polished stainless steel Anish Kapoor sculptures is like a giant hourglass, placed under the sky, reflecting and reversing the sky and the surrounding landscape. It seems to connect the sky and the earth. When the person stands below to look, may see two different oneself.

Turning the world upside down by Anish Kapoor in Israel Museum

(2) Cloud Gate mirror stainless steel sculpture
Cloud Gate is like a large cloud, also be called The bean, The gesture of the bean is soft and contracted, letting a person see after evoking the gentle emotion of the heart. Sunlight at different times is refracted by mirrors to create different landscapes The urban landscape is projected onto the bean, and the curvature, the bump, and the reflection of the image lead to another level of human feeling. In addition to the transparent mirror, there are the pinkest and the most black, giving people a unique experience.

(3) Outdoor Public art Sky Mirror sculpture
The Anish Kapoor sculptures are a cosmetic mirror of the sky, bringing in the landscape of the sky. Sometimes is the blue sky white clouds, sometimes is the red sunset, sometimes is the purple aurora, and the nature of the brush in the mirror depicts beautiful scenery.

sky mirror photo

(4) Tall Tree &The Eye stainless steel sculpture
This Anish Kapoor sculptures are composed of multiple reflection spheres, around three axis anchor, each sphere of the surface of the mirror reflection refraction, images are projected to the dynamic hanging around the ball, looking at the ball sculpture, we feel our field of vision and even the world is not stable, this magical sculpture using the physical principle gives us a wonderful feeling.

3. How to make a mirror stainless steel sculpture?
Step 1: Clay mold
Step 2: Fiberglass mold
Step 3: Hand hammer the shape
Step 4: Welding together
Step 5: Polishing the surface
Step 6: Mirror polish the surface

factory photo

Kapoor’s love and absorption of minimalism are obvious. Kapoor uses simple shapes and large sizes to create a mesmerizing atmosphere, It fully reflects Kapoor’s intention to create a spiritual space and communicate with the space in his works.
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