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Hebei Aongking stainless steel team. In the past 10 years, he began to chase the trend of The Times. Set up own professional stainless steel sculpture team. Aongking Technology stainless steel team mainly focuses on Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures and popular stainless steel sculpture designs. Here you can get the cost of making your sculpture, surface treatment, 3D modeling, and installation advice. After the completion of the Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures. Aongking also provides professional services such as installation guidance and after-sales service.

The stainless steel sculpture is based on digital modeling. Commonly used digital model applications are Zbrush, 3DMax, and other 3D design software. This is different from traditional sculpture making. The production and design of Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures highlight digitalization, individuation, and humanization.

In recent years, with the completion of thousands of sculptures. The Aongking Stainless Steel team has accumulated mature experience in production and installation. Behind every piece of highly rated sculpture. It’s all poured with sweat.

Aongking carefully will be scattered stainless steel crystal pieces welding, polishing, and polishing. The cold stainless steel material is processed into a piece of sculpture to satisfy customers. From broken to whole. From whole to whole. This is Aongking’s summary of making stainless steel sculptures. Careful, serious, careful detail handling. It is a kind of respect and respect for the trust of customers and the art itself.