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2811, 2022

Bronze Buddha statue

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Bronze Buddha statue- Bronze thailand buddhist statues from Aongking Thailand is a country that believes in Buddhism, and almost all people believe in it. Tourists who come here will also be shocked by the local Buddhist culture. Our factory has completed two distinctive Thai-style Bronze Buddha statues. The first model adopts a retro style as a whole. The cassock worn by the Buddha statue exposes the right half of the chest. There are Indians on the edge of the cassock, and ancient patterns. The copper is plated with a layer of gold, shining in the sun. The lotus

2811, 2022

bronze holy family statue

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Salute to every Christian family——bronze holy family statue bronze holy family statue, live extraordinary faith in ordinary life, Jesus respected as God, willing to be born in a cold manger, the head of the creation of the world, but so humble, poor; The virgin Mary received the angel's prediction, "O servant of the Lord, may you do it"; If the father of bowing is revealed in a dream, he is also willing to obey... The birth of Christ is a way of grace for us, so that everyone can be saved through the love of Christ; Because of

2311, 2022

brass Juno statue

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Roman goddess Brass Juno statue In western figure sculpture, many are shaped according to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. The material of bronze has eternal characteristics. This feature is displayed in figure sculpture, which allows us to go back to history and see those beautiful myths. Or the three-dimensional character scene in the actual historical story, our Brass Juno statue is casted to show a life-size appearance. This goddess, who symbolizes power, sits very elegantly on a stone and is completely naked. , showing the unique figure of the Roman mythological figure, the beauty of the human body,

2311, 2022

fiberglass flowerpot

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New design decoration - Beautiful fiberglass flowerpot A new batch of finished fiberglass flowerpots produced by our factory is very simple and has a very unique style. The entire surface of the flowerpot is white. The specific production process is as follows: 1. First of all, we make a scale drawing. The fiberglass flowerpot is oval, with a diameter of 60cm and a height of 23cm. 2. Fiberglass flowerpot mold production. Mold production is the link of FRP molding. Clay and foam sculpture: the sculptor performs sculpture according to the drawings provided by Party A, and finally Party

2211, 2022

bronze angel statue

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Bethesda Fountain-bronze angel statue When it comes to bronze angel statue and fountain artwork, there are many design styles. One of our most popular angel sculptures recently is the Bethesda Fountain, located on the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. The fountain wows every eye with its backstory and character sculptures in its design. Our Bethesda fountain is very popular, the bronze casting is very beautiful, and each part embodies the artistic charm of the figure sculpture. Bethesda Fountain is very large, divided into upper and lower parts, this neoclassical bronze angel statue, also known as the angel of

2111, 2022

stainless steel Love letters sculpture

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Stainless steel Love letters sculpture-Pop Art Indiana love sculpture As an English word, LOVE can not only be used between couples, but also between family and friends. It is a very warm word. stainless steel Love letters sculpture was originally created by American artist Robert Indiana in the 1960s, and now this sculpture has spread all over the world. From the corner of the busy city to the busy university campus, stainless steel Love letters sculpture using high saturation of red, green and blue and simple letter form, a striking red sculpture attracts pedestrians to stop, the sculpture

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stainless steel sculpture production process

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If you’re looking for something very special, you’ve come to the right place. We offer custom engraving services of all kinds. These are one-of-a-kind pieces or a very limited edition. The quality is frankly outstanding.

You can create custom props for your feature movie or documentary film. We can create a custom portrait bust or picture from your photos. In addition, we can provide a mold production service for the reproduction of sculptures that want to be duplicated or preserved.

Are you an interior designer, an architect, or a landlord who wants to enrich your living area? Do you want an entirely brand-new architectural project decorated with exquisite art? This is the right place to choose place to decorate your sculptures!