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507, 2022

non representational abstract sculpture

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Modern metal non-representational abstract sculpture The production process of abstract non representational abstract sculpture: The biggest feature of this exquisite non-representational abstract sculpture is the abstract shape, the extension and bending of a stainless steel line, a drop-shaped hollow circle below and three circles above, the beautiful curvatures are all different. But it makes up the beautiful form of the whole, a different shape from every angle. The sculpture's surface is mirrored, and the silver stainless steel gleams in natural light. The production of this non representational abstract sculpture also requires very precise measurement and high-quality production steps.

107, 2022

bronze church bell for sale

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Bronze church bell for sale Bronze is the best material for making bell Our bells are made of pure bronze. The words "brass" and "bronze" are often used interchangeably, but they are very different metals. Both are alloys, and both contain a lot of copper -- but that's where the similarities end. Brass, by contrast, is a very soft metal. For example, it is used in pipe fittings because it is easy to use and easy to machine. Brass is not as hard as bronze. Brass is also prone to corrosion, so most plumbing fixtures are coated with

1706, 2022

metal garden art sculpture

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Factory metal garden art sculptures Stainless steel, a modern fashion material, is slowly entering our lives. Many metal garden art sculptures have various shapes, and their shapes all come from life. As the saying goes, the simpler the art, the more classic it may be. These inconspicuous small objects in life become the inspiration for large-scale metal garden art sculpture. Iron is a commonly used tool in furniture. When we enlarge this, we make it into a delicate stainless steel iron metal garden art sculpture. Did it attract the attention of many people? How did such a peculiar

1006, 2022

Bronze fountain for outdoor

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Bronze fountain for outdoor--Finished Untermyer Fountain Not only are there many marble fountains and Bronze fountains for outdoor in the famous Roman cities, they have unique commemorative significance and decorative functions. Until now, many famous Bronze fountains for outdoor are still left, and some private environments have also begun. Customize these famous Bronze fountains for outdoor, our factory has many years of stunning bronze casting, each Bronze fountain for outdoor has its own character, not only high quality materials, but also some elements of their own ideas. These classic Bronze fountains for outdoor are brought back to life.

206, 2022

Bronze Statue Of Liberty

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Bronze Statue Of Liberty The shape and symbol of the Bronze Statue Of Liberty: Bronze Statue Of Liberty, officially called Liberty Enlightening the World. The Bronze Statue Of Liberty is dressed in the ancient Greek style and wears a radiant crown with seven pinnacles symbolizing the seven continents. The right hand holds the torch of liberty, the left holds a plate with the inscription July IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776, the date of the Declaration of Independence); at the feet are broken handcuffs, shackles, and chains, symbolizing breaking free Tyranny of restraint and freedom. The appearance of the

2705, 2022

Geometric Stainless Steel Animal Sculpture

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Factory custom Geometric Stainless Steel Animal Sculpture The geometric section shape is full of modern technology and complements the architectural shape. The huge scale and the transformation between the faces in the shape allow the colors to bring rich changes over time with different light. The geometric bull shape is composed of large blocks of geometric shapes. The entire east façade is a glass curtain wall with a ceiling and a floor. Therefore, the sculpture is designed to hold the glass curtain wall with one hand and stick out its head curiously. The overall scale is just right,

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stainless steel sculpture production process

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If you’re looking for something very special, you’ve come to the right place. We offer custom engraving services of all kinds. These are one-of-a-kind pieces or a very limited edition. The quality is frankly outstanding.

You can create custom props for your feature movie or documentary film. We can create a custom portrait bust or picture from your photos. In addition, we can provide a mold production service for the reproduction of sculptures that want to be duplicated or preserved.

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