Corten Steel Sculptures Projects From Aongking


The “Aongking Corten Steel Sculpture Project” page displays a series of sculptures made of weathering steel. Weathering steel is a special steel with a naturally oxidized outer layer. Its unique appearance and material give the sculptures a unique aesthetic charm and durability. This Aongking Corten Steel Sculpture Project presents sculptures of various shapes, themes, and sizes, from abstract to figurative, from modern to traditional, and each work shows the artist’s creativity and skills. By displaying these weathering steel sculptures, the Aongking Corten Steel Sculpture Project shows the audience the innovative use of materials, the diversity of forms, and the charm and depth of sculpture art.

corten steel The open loop sculpture

Corten steel sculpture design and production process:

  • Aongking designers will first design the appearance and structure of the corten steel sculpture according to customer needs and site characteristics.

  • During the production process, CNC cutting technology is usually used to cut the Corten steel plate, and then welding, grinding, and other processes are performed.

  • During the production process, the characteristics of the material need to be considered to ensure that the final corten steel sculpture can withstand the test of various environmental conditions.

CORTEN steel technology