Roman goddess Brass Juno statue

In western figure sculpture, many are shaped according to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. The material of bronze has eternal characteristics. This feature is displayed in figure sculpture, which allows us to go back to history and see those beautiful myths. Or the three-dimensional character scene in the actual historical story, our Brass Juno statue is casted to show a life-size appearance. This goddess, who symbolizes power, sits very elegantly on a stone and is completely naked. , showing the unique figure of the Roman mythological figure, the beauty of the human body, and the beautiful bun on the head of the Brass Juno statue. The Lord with a very elegant left hand holds a scepter symbolizing power in his right hand on his thigh. The symbol representing his identity is a peacock beside him. The beautiful peacock is nestled beside him, and the overall carving of Brass Juno statue is also very lifelike, whether it is from the facial features of the characters or the luster of the surface, the eternity of bronze is vividly displayed. These Brass Juno statues placed in your personal environment are like going back to that era, and each goddess statue has a different duty. It also has a good meaning for individuals. When this Brass Juno statue is placed in some private environment, it will show you the mythical beauty, as if you were there.

Background and Story of Brass Juno statue:

Brass Juno statue is a diva in Roman mythology, the god of marriage and motherhood, one of the 12 main gods of Rome. The wife of Jupiter, beautiful, gentle and loving. The Romans called it “the god who leads children into the light.” It corresponds to Hera in Greek mythology. Brass Juno statue and Jupiter were the children of Saturn, the god of the sky, and at the same time, Juno was Jupiter’s wife. The majesty and power of the Brass Juno statue is subject only to the universal natural Reiki. She handles the finances, and the English word for money comes from her name. Brass Juno statue also has a beautiful story. Juno became pregnant with Mars, the god of war, after touching a magical herb specially planted by Flora, the goddess of flowers. He was a very warlike god and often appeared in battle wearing a goatskin cloak. Because of this, the goatskin cloak became a favorite costume of Roman soldiers. Romans often made pilgrimages to Brass Juno statue, Jupiter and Minerva, goddess of wisdom and art, on the Capitole Hill. Every year on March 1, they hold a Housewife’s Day to honor the goddess Brass Juno statue, who always wears a sheepskin cloak.


The production process of Brass Juno statue:

1. Design plan and clay sculpture production: Firstly, the drawing is designed according to the overall concept of Brass Juno statue, and then the complete clay draft is made with sculpture clay according to the designed plan.
2. Brass Juno statue mold remaking: After the clay sculpture is completed, it is necessary to turn over the mold. First, a glass fiber reinforced plastic mold is dug out, and then the silicone mold is made after the repair is complete.
3. Wax casting: pour the melted paraffin into the silicone mold that has been made, and the wax will become a wax after the paraffin cools down. The wax model is then trimmed.

4. Shell making: There are two types of shell making and mold remaking: one is precision casting, and the other is resin sand box making. For small or complex sculptures, we should choose precision casting, while sand box production is generally suitable for simple smooth surfaces without much work. The mortar is poured on the outside of the wax pattern, and the pouring is repeated until the mortar completely wraps the wax pattern to a certain thickness, and the wax pattern wrapped by the mortar is dried. Then put the shell into the furnace to heat until the paraffin inside melts, which is the traditional lost wax method.
5. Casting and grinding of Brass Juno statue: In a high-temperature environment, the copper is melted into copper water and poured into the prepared shell or sand box, and then the riser is polished.
6. Splicing and forming: Put the polished Brass Juno statue together to form a complete whole. After this step is completed, we can basically see the general appearance of the Brass Juno statue.

We can customize more for you:

For such a famous and beautiful goddess, we not only have Brass Juno statues, but also many marble Juno statues, and each version is carved by different famous artists. The whiteness of marble is displayed on girls, which can be more beautiful Set off the sanctity and three-dimensionality of Juno statue, and if you want your garden or palace, with marble decoration just like the ancient gorgeous palace, each of our models can be used to set off your environment. Which style do you like? We can show you many styles. A brave Juno statue with a shield in his left hand and a long sword in his right. There are beautiful women wearing gorgeous home clothes, wearing beautiful long scarves on their heads, gracefully lifting the headscarves with their fingers, or gracefully lifting the skirts with both hands wearing a crown. Each of these Juno statue marbles in the palace gardens of Versailles or in some great museums has its own characteristics, and it is up to you to choose according to the local aesthetics. Liang, we will carefully carve life-size sculptures for you, whether it is bronze sculptures or marble sculptures, this beautiful Juno statue has its own beautiful characteristics. So as to show the detailed three-dimensionality of any mythical figure and the delicate casting and carving of our factory. We will fully customize the Brass Juno statue and marble Juno statue for you, so that your private environment is full of artistic charm, which is what we want to see.