Introducing the pinnacle of our factory’s latest efforts: the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture, now available. This Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture has a total height of 5.5m, which is very grand. The product of meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design, this masterpiece is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Its sleek stainless steel form embodies a story of climb and exploration, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery. From the bustling floors of the workshop to the open skies of artistic expression, this Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture represents a harmonious blend of industrial precision and creative inspiration. Join us in presenting this extraordinary creation to the world, inviting admirers to witness the beauty of soaring cityscapes.

Grand design concept:

Our newly completed Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture embodies a visionary design concept that blends seamlessly with the urban landscape. Inspired by the endless spirit of exploration and the ambition of urban life, this Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture symbolizes the journey to new horizons and endless possibilities. Its sleek and contemporary design reflects the modernity and vitality of the urban landscape. Its sweeping wings evoke a feeling of freedom and longing, igniting the imagination of passers-by and igniting a sense of wonder. The Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture’s adaptability to the urban environment is evident in its location and scale. Whether in a bustling city square, tranquil park or corporate plaza, its towering appearance is eye-catching while blending in with its surroundings. Its reflective surfaces reflect the ever-changing skyline, creating a dynamic interplay between art and architecture. As a testament to innovation and creativity, the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture not only enhances the beauty of the urban landscape but also serves as a beacon of inspiration, inviting viewers to embark on their own journey of exploration and discovery. This extraordinary piece is available for sale, offering the city and collectors the opportunity to acquire a symbol of progress and vision.

Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture for sale

Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture for sale

The first and crucial step in the sculpture is the elaboration of the angle iron frame

manufacture angle iron

manufacture angle iron

Before starting to make the angle iron frame, conduct a thorough analysis of the design concept of the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture. This includes understanding the intended shape, size and structural requirements of the sculpture to be converted into a frame. The frames are manufactured with careful selection of high-quality angle iron of suitable size and strength. The material must have the necessary load-bearing capacity and durability to support the weight of the sculpture’s stainless steel components. Using a precision cutting tool such as a saw or plasma cutter, cut the angle into sections according to the dimensions specified in the design plan. Skilled fabricators carefully shape angle iron pieces to achieve the angles and contours needed to form the frame. Each cut and formed angle iron section is carefully welded together by skilled welders. This welding process requires expertise to ensure seamless connection and proper alignment of the frame components. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, welding techniques such as MIG or TIG welding can be used. Throughout the manufacturing process, strict attention is paid to alignment and measurement to ensure accuracy and precision of the frame. Utilize laser levels and precision measurement tools to verify that the frame meets the exact specifications of the design plan. Additional reinforcement and bracing can be added to the frame when necessary to enhance its structural integrity and stability. This may involve reinforcing key load-bearing points with diagonal bracing or strategically positioned additional support beams. Once the angle iron frame is fully assembled, it undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection to verify its structural integrity, alignment, and overall quality. Any imperfections or defects will be addressed and corrected before moving to the next stage of the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture creation process.

How do the multiple frames of the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture maintain connection and stability?

Welding: Welding the joints where the frames intersect creates a strong and durable connection, ensuring the stability of the entire sculpture.
Bolted joints: The use of bolts and nuts to hold frames together at joints, providing a secure connection while allowing for disassembly if needed.
Internal Support Structure: Having internal support structures within the frame can help distribute weight and enhance stability, especially in areas where multiple frames intersect.
Bracing: Adding diagonal or horizontal bracing between frames can enhance stability by preventing lateral movement and bending.
Engineering design: The use of advanced engineering techniques such as finite element analysis (FEA) can optimize the sculpture design to ensure structural integrity and stability under various conditions.
By implementing these methods, the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture can maintain its connectivity and stability while showcasing its complex and dynamic design.

sculpture polishing process

How does the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture create a captivating visual experience?

the side Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture

Fountain Integration:

Surrounding the base of the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture is a circular fountain, adding dynamic movement and sound to the installation. The position of the fountain heads has been carefully designed to complement the upward movement of the wings, creating an immersive and harmonious environment.

Lighting design:

The Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture uses an advanced lighting system to highlight its elegance and grandeur. LED lights embedded within the stainless steel structure create a soft glow that highlights the wing’s intricate details. Additionally, spotlights are strategically placed to enhance the presence and visibility of the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture, even after dark.

Ground lighting:

In order to further enhance the atmosphere of the square, 4-6 ground floodlights are installed around the square. These lights shine upward, illuminating the Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture and surrounding area, creating a dramatic interplay of light and shadow.


The Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture is expertly installed by a team of professionals to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Fountains and lighting components blend seamlessly into the plaza environment, enhancing the overall beauty and functionality of the space.

Aongking’s professional transportation and packaging services:

Experience professional shipping and packaging services. The Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture is now available. Our team of experts provide specialized packaging that allows it to lay flat, ensuring safe and secure transport of this magnificent piece. Packed with a durable iron structure, we guarantee maximum protection of the sculpture during shipping. With meticulous attention to detail, the sculpture will be carefully packaged and loaded into a 20-foot container, ready to embark on the journey to its new destination. Trust our expertise to deliver your Stainless Steel Skyward Saga sculpture safely and reliably.

Polishing the interior details of the sculpture
wings Sculpture fine design