New design decoration – Beautiful fiberglass flowerpot

finished fiberglass flowerpot (2)

A new batch of finished fiberglass flowerpots produced by our factory is very simple and has a very unique style. The entire surface of the flowerpot is white.

The specific production process is as follows:

1. First of all, we make a scale drawing. The fiberglass flowerpot is oval, with a diameter of 60cm and a height of 23cm.
2. Fiberglass flowerpot mold production. Mold production is the link of FRP molding. Clay and foam sculpture: the sculptor performs sculpture according to the drawings provided by Party A, and finally Party A will confirm whether the fiberglass flowerpot needs to be modified until it is completed. Duplicate a plaster mold on the clay mold or foam mold. The plaster mold is a one-time mold, and generally only one or two products can be produced.
3. Hair damage production: first use a brush to apply the gel coat to the surface of the fiberglass flowerpot mold, spread the fiber cloth on it when it is half dry, start to brush the resin on the top with a brush to make it penetrate, then spread the cloth and then brush the resin , layer by layer to achieve the required thickness.
4. Demoulding, trimming: Demoulding refers to taking the blank out of the mold.
5. Fiberglass flowerpot mold for future mass production.
6. Spray paint and polish with sandpaper. After passing the pass, start to transfer the customer’s logo or pattern, and then spray a layer of car varnish to ensure the brightness of the product and protect the paint from durability.

Application of fiberglass flowerpot in cities:

fiberglass is quickly used in sculpture creation due to its advantages of easy molding, light weight and high strength. fiberglass flowerpot is mainly used in the application scene and is cheaper. fiberglass flowerpot is a sculpture made of fiberglass materials with bright color, fluent lines, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. It can be made into imitation gold, imitation copper, imitation stone and other appearance effects, so as to show a distinct sense of modern and period. High-quality urban street landscape can promote the common development of urban material civilization and spiritual civilization, and also drive the urban public space landscape to the direction of diversification and orderliness. fiberglass flowerpot removes the traditional monochrome shape of flowerpot container and chooses multi-faceted art combination flowerpot from color and styling style. fiberglass flowerpot is made of easy-to-shape, anti-aging and more durable fiberglass products. It can be placed outdoors for a long time without fading, deformation and corrosion resistance.

garden flower pot

What other popular fiberglass flowerpots are there?

1. Geometric fiberglass flowerpot

Our geometric creative fiberglass flowerpot has many shapes. The elements they use are mosaic style, which is a very popular abstract art. Our flowerpot has a very delicate surface and is composed of many irregular geometric shapes. Some of the surfaces are triangular and some are square. Each fiberglass flowerpot has very finely polished cut surfaces. They form shapes with different heights and different diameters. You can paint the colors you want on them and display them in the environment An abstract artwork, these are the existence of abstract art in the garden, making the whole environment more artistic. Geometric art is more used in fiberglass sculpture, and it is also quite charming in fiberglass flowerpot. With delicate flowers and plants, it is like a great work of art

2. Creative painted fiberglass flowerpot

In some shopping malls, the eye-catching sculptures and decorations can attract more attention and bring good Fengshui and decoration effects to the entire environment. Our fiberglass flowerpot has a very cartoony idea, and you can enjoy it Using the sculptor’s imagination, we can paint various beautiful patterns on it, and we can also design petal-shaped shapes as flower pots, which can be used for people to sit and rest, and can be placed in the center of the shopping mall. Help you customize these painted flowerpots, you can paint beautiful flowers or landscapes, or small animals according to your creativity, these fiberglass flowerpots are also seats and are also suitable for some kindergarten environments, they will be very popular Small children are welcome.

3. Combined fiberglass flowerpot

Fiberglass flowerpot can be produced in batches with the same mold, all of which are the same oval or square shape, and we can show different styles according to your custom style, such as square flowerpots with different heights, lengths, widths and heights The design of circular flower pots with different diameters, they are combined with different heights, presenting the combination of beautiful flowers and tiny flowers of plants of different heights in the environment, and the difference of fiberglass flowerpot Combination, showing different colors and charm. Their colors can be the same, or they can be matched with each other, and different colors can bloom on your private balcony, some shopping malls, and city parks. These combined fiberglass flowerpots can be customized according to your own creativity. We will carefully measure and make for you to restore a very beautiful scene in your mind.

Advantages of fiberglass flowerpot:

1. Exquisite appearance and exquisite atmosphere, fiberglass flowerpot has exquisite appearance and various styles. The specifications and sizes can be determined according to the location and size of the site, and different schemes can be proposed according to different scenes in different cities.

2. This material is safe and environmentally friendly. The fiberglass flowerpot is safe and environmentally friendly, light in weight, durable, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and high temperature. The fiberglass flowerpot can be placed in a humid environment without rotting or rusting, and subsequent maintenance does not require a lot of effort.

3. The structure is safe and stable, the fiberglass flowerpot structure is very safe, the design adopts world-class safety standards, the finished fiberglass flowerpot can withstand strong winds, and the anti-seismic safety is higher.

4. There are scenery in all seasons. In the design, the fiberglass flowerpot reserves enough space for plants to grow, and can arrange multiple layers of soil, so the fiberglass flowerpot can not only plant seasonal flowers, but also plant shrubs in winter, so that there are four seasons, so that winter can also have Ornamental.