Bronze Buddha statue- Bronze thailand buddhist statues from Aongking

Thailand is a country that believes in Buddhism, and almost all people believe in it. Tourists who come here will also be shocked by the local Buddhist culture. Our factory has completed two distinctive Thai-style Bronze Buddha statues. The first model adopts a retro style as a whole. The cassock worn by the Buddha statue exposes the right half of the chest. There are Indians on the edge of the cassock, and ancient patterns. The copper is plated with a layer of gold, shining in the sun. The lotus platform on which he sits is also a color that matches the clothing very well. The top of the meat bun on his head has a spectacular scene like a flame, and the skin on his body shows , a very natural wheat color, but the overall feeling is gorgeous and retro.

Bronze Buddha statue Aongking

The second Bronze Buddha statue is very clear overall, and it is also wearing a very gorgeous cassock. The cassock is cast with very fine flower patterns, and the lotus on the head is layered. The face of the Buddha statue has very three-dimensional facial features and a smile, giving people a very friendly feeling. This Thai Bronze Buddha statue can be customized to your appropriate size. Put it in your indoor Buddhist hall or in a private environment, from the manufacture of clay molds to the process of lost wax and copper casting, every step is very delicate, and every final exquisite Thai-style Bronze Buddha statue is completed .

2022-05-25 1937 finished Bronze Buddha statue Aongking

Origin of the Buddhist Bronze Buddha statue:

As a world religion——Buddhism, its origin is in India, and Indian Buddhist art is the product of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. The carving techniques of Greece, Rome, and Persia have been developed to form beautiful proportions, harmonious geometric shapes, and real, vital body sculpture art. The meat bun on the top of the Bronze Buddha statue is covered by the beautiful and natural wavy hair commonly seen in Greek sculptures. The shoulder-length cassock of the Buddha statue is similar to the robes of Greek and Roman sculptures, with thick folds. The facial expression of Bronze Buddha statue is flat, noble and calm, and the half-closed eyes reveal a contemplative and introspective look. Motura art emphasizes the beauty and strength of the strong, gorgeous, naked body. The Buddha statues are biased towards the right shoulder, with thin clothes showing through the body, and the wavy curly hair of Gandhara has become a shaved form.

What does the Bronze Buddha statue bring to people?

Although these Bronze Buddha statues do not express specific ideological content, but the detached and arrogant look they show, and the mysterious look that sees through the world, for people in sorrow and separation, it is a true portrayal of their inner world, and it is a true reflection of their inner world. It is very attractive. Therefore, the serenity, free and easy, elegant and full of wisdom shown by these Buddhist Bronze Buddha statues actually entrust people’s good hopes and longings for the afterlife. Buddha represents a state of consummation of blessing and wisdom, that is, an awakened heart. Seeing the Bronze Buddha statue on the outside, knowing that we also have this perfect Buddha nature inside, the purpose is to open our inner awakened heart. But it is difficult for us to often think of or remember this awakened heart, so Buddhism uses an image of Bronze Buddha statue to represent this awakened heart.

standing buddha

Thailand Bronze Buddha statue customization:

With the development and prosperity of Buddhism in Southeast Asia, the art of Bronze Buddha statue also prospered. Bronze Buddha statue art in Southeast Asia is deeply influenced by Indian Buddhist art, and Thailand is no exception. In addition to Indian influence, Thailand was influenced by neighboring Burma, Cambodia, and Java. However, after all, the Buddhist art in Thailand developed locally. On the basis of fully absorbing foreign cultures, the local artists or craftsmen gradually integrated the aesthetic concepts of the region and the nation and their understanding of the Buddhist concept, thus creating the Thai Buddha art with different spiritual features of The Times and full of national characteristics. Bronze Buddha statue is always easy to catch people’s attention. Behind its brilliant appearance, there are rich magical religious stories. It is the symbol of Eastern mystics. In terms of artistic value, these Bronze Buddha statues are only beautiful in shape, in various forms, with soft and dignified faces and beautiful and powerful bodies.

Thailand’s Bronze Buddha statue is also a display of local culture in style, and it is also a distinctive symbol of local culture. The overall shape of the Buddha statue is also very luxurious, revealing a very luxurious atmosphere. Most of the Bronze Buddha statues are decorated with a lot of golden ornaments, and the design details are also very distinctive, blending with the atmosphere of the street without any sense of alienation. The style of the Bronze Buddha statue in each country may be slightly different, we can customize it all. In the eyes of many people, the Bronze Buddha statue represents a kind of mystery, and the first impression it gives is integrity. The sitting posture and solemn expression are also unique Buddha statues in many Buddhist temples. Bronze Thai Buddha statues can also be custom made for your own home. Each of our Bronze Buddha statue styles is very distinctive, giving you a full Thai style. Thailand’s Bronze Buddha statue presents various forms such as sitting, squatting, and lying. Even standing or meditating, there are many different postures, different gestures, or different costumes, and they all have their own meaning.

large outdoor gold bronze buddha