The beauty of volume——Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso


Some very gorgeous hotels, or a very eye-catching sculpture on the city square, can become the symbol of the city, and even attract the attention of passers-by, and our sculptures generally use very classic artworks. This one is Botero’s very classic Bronze Botero sculpture work. Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso combines abstraction and body art, and every proportion is cast just right, from clay film casting to lost wax method and casting The copper process strictly controls every small detail. In the end, a layer of black is plated on the Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso, which makes the details of the textured muscles of the sculpture more realistic, and also brings a sense of solemnity to the whole. This Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso is placed in some cities The surrounding gorgeous scenery and the cityscape in the lawn are a very beautiful scenery. Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso shows part of a man’s upper body and thighs, 6-pack abdominal muscles on the chest, each piece is well grasped, although there is no head and limbs, but the art of this torso reminds us of various abstract meanings. And there are many other works of art about volume, which can be placed on the outdoor lawn or even in various places.

Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso style:

His Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso works are filled with a sense of full-bodied exaggeration, this signature artistic feature is also known as the “Botero style”. Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso “Botero style” means to exaggerate the volume and express the object image with curves and colors. This is not so much a humorous satire of social politics as Botero is more concerned with using humor to “create a small door for the viewer”. The key is to touch everyone’s heart. Many artists insist from the beginning to the end that Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso depicts not fatness but volume.


The proportion characteristics of Bronze Botero sculpture

Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso. It’s not a picture of a fat man. I want to express a kind of beauty and plasticity brought by volume through realistic subject matter. Art is distorted and exaggerated. It has nothing to do with fat people. Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso “fat style” creation is very artistic foundation. Why do you think so? As you can see, the proportions of the five features of the figure are relatively normal, even down to the chest, but in terms of the body, the shoulders, hips and legs are unusually thick. If it is local, such as the Bronze Botero sculpture “large hand” at the entrance to the Botero Museum, it is the fingers of normal proportion and the palm of the hand is abnormally thick.

What other art Bronze Botero sculpture is available?

woman on a horse Bronze Botero sculpture

woman on a horse Bronze Botero sculpture. Woman on a horse bronze botero sculpture, strong and tough image, can not help but remind people of those tough and fearless goddesses and heroines in the history of art, such as Athena, Epona, Countess of Godiva, Amazons and so on. The woman in Bronze Botero sculpture, sitting proudly and gracefully on her steed, her hand firmly on the side of her mane, her naked body not fragile, but stronger. Without clothing, she doesn’t belong to any particular time or place, which makes her immortal and an eternal representation of the female figure. Her horse is like her image, and the two characters are in harmony and become one. Bronze Botero sculpture could be a goddess, a warrior or a girl riding a carousel in a park, but what remains constant is her soft sense of power, courage and closeness to the natural world.

woman on a horse (2)

Bronze Botero sculpture combined with nature:

Botero creates Bronze Botero sculptures to conjure up the animals he loves so much that we realize they are an integral part of his mind. Bronze Botero sculpture finds no greater expression than the grandeur of Fernando Botero’s rounded characters. The flatness of the surface of the image gives way to the sense of volume and form in Bronze Botero sculpture creation, reflecting his profound study of the Renaissance masters, “I never feel that anyone is fat, everything is appropriate. The buxomous figures Bronze Botero sculptures have their volume, their gestures, and I just paint them honestly. I believe deeply in the artist’s ability to perceive nature and communicate with everything, and the work of all great artists is an enhancement of reality.”

Botero has shown the art of this system from all aspects of animals and figures. Its Bronze Botero sculpture is widely used in the city and is also very popular among people. A combination of abstract art, coupled with bronze casting, shows its very unique side in various places, and we have many animals besides the Bronze Botero sculpture of the woman on horseback, which are very cute, with cats and birds, and Every muscle in the horses adds a lot of interest to this animal. Coupled with some urban environments, they look very cute, and the characters are also cast with characters, men and women. There are two dancing men And women, this Bronze Botero sculpture is very suitable for the city square, its luster on the surface is cast in bronze, and it is vividly displayed, as well as those soldiers on horseback or Roman soldiers. The grasp of the proportions of the characters and the relationship between animals and characters are presented in front of people with an interesting image. Whether the surface of Bronze Botero sculpture is solemn black, advanced brown or other materials, we can customize it for you and match it in different environments. Each Bronze Botero sculpture has a different style. This is bronze and Bronze The charm of Botero sculpture art style.