Copper Pieta & Nature Marble Pieta

R Recently, a client said: “The forging of the stone may be much less. But, the copper sculpture is cast. So, there is a theoretical possibility of replication.” We often caused the two kinds of sculpture form, the value of the dispute. Here, showing the Pieta statue which my factory made before.

  1. Copper statues have a long history and mature technology.

    The casting process of copper is more complex than that of forging copper. And, the artistic creation has a good restorability. Therefore, it is suitable for the material of fine works. And it is very popular with artists. Especially, the figure sculpture. But, it is easy to oxidize. So, pay more attention to maintenance.

  2. Stone sculpture: “a type of plastic art.

    That is to say, known as carved. Plastic three methods of creation. The basic forms of modern stone carving are – round carving, relief carving, and transparent carving.”

Guohei, the Artist of the HeBei sculpture, said: “The bronze sculptures are more” fidelity “. The stone sculpture is easy to “distortion”
in wind and rain outside. Whether stone or bronze, generally the need for models.

Firstly, This is “fidelity”: the decoration copper sculpture is from the original inverted mold. It can guarantee an accuracy of 85%. The stone carving is against the original to knock the stone. There will always be a deviation. A similarity of 85% is not bad. Sometimes it only gets 60%, which is “distortion”.

nature white marble pieta statue

nature white marble Pieta statue

There are Most Copper Sculpture Versus Stone Sculptures!

Secondly, the expressive force of the copper sculpture is much richer than that of the stone sculpture. The copper sculpture can make all kinds of jumps and jumps. For example. To make a horse into the air. With one leg to support the whole work. Or one person standing on one foot. But also lifting another person. However, the stone carving statue is powerless.

NO. 1: Because the stone can only show some overall language. Likes squatting or prostrate movement, unless the jade is in the jade.

NO. 2: Because the hardness is similar to the metal. There is close to the metal wide performance space.

In conclusion, the flaw of stone material or say limitation is very apparent. Even white marble. Which is beautiful to look at. Has no advantage in terms of artistic appeal — it is too smooth to look like a work of art. During, when it falls to the ground. It loses an arm and a leg. For example, the trachoma and rusting of copper sculptures. We know, collect value famous. Pay attention to the artistic brand. Material is not so important instead. A few sculptures from museums abroad are famous. But now already very old. It is still collecting treasure. However, won’t because a few trachoma value drops greatly.

pieta statue in copper 20190318180942

pieta statue in copper 20190318180942

Sculptor Liao Huilan: “The similarities and differences between stone carving and bronze carving. Ultimately depends on what the artist is after and what the collector’s taste is. As far as I am concerned. Because I like to do portraits. Now I am older.  After all, I can’t cast stones every day. So it is more feasible to make clay manuscripts and then cast bronze sculptures. To make a portrait, the stone originally has its unique advantage. After the sculptor is out of the clay, if it is his face to it to do the carving stone, then in the process of beating.Can be a completely secondary creation. Making clay is the art of addition, while playing stone is the art of subtraction. And if the stone carving completely false hand to the masons. He can only imitate the gourd, not only can not play. And, may magnify the shortcomings. At most to ensure the original appearance of the clay. Of course, adornment sex sculpture resembles some sculptor’s female human bodies technically. Very only beautiful, with white marble will do. By craftsman will dozen. Unimportant. Because such a personage figure is right the requirement of facial ministry is not so fine. And although the body is a bit more flesh. Clothes are a bit more draped, also have no problem.