Art about volume —Botero sculptures

Fernando Botero is a famous Colombian sculptor and painter. He is considered the glory of the Colombian state and the father of the people’s faith. Botero’s sculptures create personified three-dimensional images of the characters and scenes between reality and fantasy. Given that the voluptuous form in his art is all about volume and space, His signature style is also known as “Boterismo”.

1. What famous sculptures does Botero have?
His sculpture work is huge, but it feels not heavy, relaxed, and humorous. The shape of the whole work is also full of tension. Such as Bird, Cat, Smoking woman, Roman warrior, Dancers, Motherhood, The Plunder of Europa……

2. How to make a Botero sculpture reproduction?
After confirming the design and size of this sculpture, first, our artist will make a 1:1 clay mold depending on the perfect proportion of the whole sculpture, the clay mold can modify any details till you’re satisfied with it. Then we will go ahead to cast bronze sculpture…I attached some projects of bronze Fernando Botero sculpture that we had done before, just sharing Aongking sculpture artwork with you.

 3. Where can it be placed?
Different sizes can be placed in different suitable places. Botero sculptures are famous in the world. Motherhood in Berlin, Cat in Barcelona, Woman with a cigarette in Yerevan. The Plunder of Europa in Hong Kong Green Meadow.
If you customize a large size sculpture, you can put it in the center of the square, in the garden, and if you want to put it on a shelf in your office or living room, you need a small size. More design Botero sculptures.

When asked why He chose a fat man as the main image of his work, He replied: ” I don’t paint fat women. Nobody believes me but it is true. What I paint are volumes. When I paint a still life I also paint with volume, if I paint an animal it is volumetric, a landscape as well.”
Botero promoted the beauty of fat, big and strong to the extreme. If you also like his unique art and would like a piece of his sculpture reproduction, please contact us.