New Project:Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture for sale

Recently, we warmly celebrated the installation of a Chinese engineering project completed by Aongking Sculpture Company. In the Science and Technology Park of the National University in Baoding City, Hebei Province, there is a very grand and modern science and technology building. The entire building is in the shape of a “U”, which is full of technology. “U” is not only the first letter of the word university, but also attracts the ground tightly like a magnet. The overall sense of gravity is also very obvious. Aongking also received a project to design and customize a large stainless steel sculpture for the front of this science and technology building. This Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture is 33 meters long, 65 meters long when unfolded, 5 meters in overall height, and 3 meters wide in cross-section. Made of stainless steel and finished with a spray paint effect. It lasted 2.5 months. Our installation took 5 days and was successfully completed on September 17, 2023.

Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture

Modern park and sculpture design:

Our sculpture design is inspired by the “U” shape of the science and technology building. The exterior color of the Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture we designed uses stainless steel metallic paint, which is consistent with the color of the science and technology building. Our vision is to echo the science and technology building and reflect the emphasis on sculpture in the modern park. These campuses bring together professionals from various fields, including engineers, scientists, and artists. Such a collaborative environment fosters innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Sculptors can work with metallurgists and engineers to push the boundaries of what is possible in stainless steel sculptures.


Technology parks often have expertise in digital design and manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machining. A detailed design begins with precise measurements and specifications. Work with engineers and designers to ensure sculpture structural integrity and water flow requirements.
Create 3D models and digital renderings to visualize sculptures. Stainless steel sheets and profiles are then cut, formed, and welded according to the design. Manufacture of various components including bases, fountain structures, decorative elements, and water distribution systems. The main frame of the sculpture consists of a main beam with a 20 cm thick tube and several 10 cm thick transverse tubes. Of course, there are also many links to solid steel bars. Plus 2 large angle iron embedded parts. The main beam has a water flow function. In addition to serving as a frame, it also plays a major role in interactive water flow. The two large-angle iron embedded parts are mainly for installation and play an important role in fixing the sculpture.

Installation display of sculpture:

Regarding the installation of this Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture, we prepared a large crane to transport a large trailer. For transportation convenience. The sculpture making is divided into 2 parts.

Our professional craftsmen prepare the underground installation points in advance at the installation site. When the sculpture is transported, the underground installation points will be integrated with the sculpture.

Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture is mainly the production and design of 2 parts of the interface. The mainstream interface of docking first and welding later is adopted.

You can have great confidence in the stability of the connection between the two parts of the sculpture, because after the interfaces are connected, there are 8 screws to connect them on both sides.

8. Eight screw connection

The two halves of the sculpture are then fully welded together, a step that requires precision and skill to ensure a strong and beautiful bond. Make sure the two parts to be welded are clean and free of any contaminants such as rust, paint or oil. Use a wire brush or grinder to clean the surface to be welded. Position parts precisely according to the design and use clamps or fixtures to hold them securely in place. Alignment is critical for a clean and strong weld.

9. Fully welded

Finally, the stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture was successfully installed after spray painting.

We hope that our Stainless steel U-shaped interactive fountain sculpture can bring fresh power and artistic scenery to the modern science and technology park. The science and technology park can provide facilities for testing the corrosion resistance, durability, and lifespan of stainless steel sculptures to ensure that they will last over time. The push remains original. Technology parks often house research facilities and laboratories. These are invaluable to artists and sculptors working with stainless steel as they have access to cutting-edge material research and development to improve the quality and durability of their sculptures. This includes advances in stainless steel alloys, corrosion resistance, and manufacturing technology. Aongking Sculpture Company undertakes various large-scale sculpture projects and also looks forward to cooperating with professionals and artists in various fields. If necessary, we look forward to your contact!