Stainless steel soul sculpture–Tribute to medical institutions!

Talmudic once said a famous dictum: “If you save one life, you save the entire world.”

We all know that some areas in Russia are still in the flames of war at this time, and everyone’s life is precious. When we received the news that a Russian philanthropist approached us to customize the stainless steel sculpture “Soul”, our hearts were filled with excitement. , because this is such a great project, the philanthropist wants to donate the stainless steel soul sculpture to a local hospital institution in Russia. When you see this sculpture for the first time, you will feel touched in your heart. It is not only great for human life, but also a reflection on your own heart. Please listen to us tell you about this soul-touching stainless steel sculpture.

World Globe Metal Sculpture

Originally housed in the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, this famous piece of stainless steel soul sculpture was donated at the entrance of the Next Generation building, witnessing the modern history of Jerusalem, the ancient splendor of the Jewish capital, which Shaare Zedek Medical Center also has A tradition of advanced and compassionate nursing. The stainless steel soul sculpture reflects the way people travel to and from health care in the city of Jerusalem. There are wars all over the world, but hospitals do their best to save lives, every life is part of the world, and “soul” celebrates the great efforts of Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

From a world perspective: this is a work of art in which man and the world become one, integrating the earth and mankind. The stainless steel soul sculpture is in the shape of a globe as a whole, a hollow sphere with a map of the world distributed on it, which also represents the important connection between British geometry and Israel. The stainless steel soul sculpture brings together humanity and the earth, not only showing humanity as a whole in the world but also reflecting humanity’s luster and magic in this world.

On a more personal note: The stainless steel soul sculpture depicts a woman with her eyes closed, embracing herself tenderly but firmly. The sculpture’s lines are smooth yet resilient, as if the woman has overcome her struggles and learned to fully embrace herself. The play of light and shadow on the stainless steel surface gives the sculpture an ethereal quality, almost as if it radiates an inner light. It remains a symbol of self-love, resilience, and the beauty of embracing one’s own complexity.

Aongking finished stainless steel soul sculpture

Our Aongking factory craftsmen have many years of experience. The artists have an understanding of the connotation of sculpture and started the casting of this stainless steel artwork. First, we printed a 3D sketch to visualize the sculpture from different angles and perspectives, and then based on the durability, corrosion resistance, and the ability to retain intricate details. After selecting the appropriate stainless steel material model, we perform foam modeling so the artist can experiment with poses, proportions, and dimensions to ensure the final stainless steel sculpture is stable and balanced. The selected stainless steel plates are then cut, bent, and shaped according to the artist’s design, and the individual stainless steel components are welded and connected together to form the main body of the sculpture. When it comes to surface preparation, grind, polish, brush or apply special coatings to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Finally, the sculpture was assembled and the final touches were made. This stainless steel soul sculpture was finally completed. We communicated all the details with the Russian philanthropist and transported it to his hands.

stainless steel soul sculpture detail

Aongking pays tribute to Russian hospitals with this stainless steel soul sculpture. It is a saving of lives in the world and a reflection of every life on itself. A steadfast hospital, a sanctuary that has withstood the storms of conflict, offering comfort and healing to those caught in the chaos. The stainless steel Soul sculpture pays homage to a war-torn hospital, a testament to the human capacity to rebuild and heal, physically and emotionally. It symbolizes the nation’s collective determination to rise from the ashes and embrace a future defined by unity, compassion, and the unbreakable bond between healer and healed.

In addition, we hope that every sculpture made by Aongking has its own meaning, that it can bring beautiful decoration to the environment, that it can bring some power to certain people, or it can carry some emotions and memories. If you also have a story you want to tell, you may wish to contact us and share your ideas. Our artists will customize a suitable stainless steel carrier artwork for you to explore your inner world.