joint stone water fountain, lady design

Sculpture in memory, memory in sculpture.

For the first time for the sculpture in my child’s memory.

In childhood, careful children found that sculpture can keep their memory in the sculpture. Unlike “art in reality.”Common art sculpture is for freehand ideas. In my own memory. I like these groups of stone fountain sculptures very much. The performance is “flow” “clean” “can play with water” and so on many children like things. Many customers inspect goods like to say. These scenes are rare in this city. Presented in the form of sculpture, they were able to retrieve their childhood memories. All stone carving art, too. Including the ‘main character’ of this article (Stone water fountain). Later, it turned out that the Stone water fountain was the first sculpture ever sold in our family. Apr 2010. Over time, I inherited the sculpture business. You can find more finished sculptures from Aongking.

The Stone water fountain sculpture is the soul of our city. Your grandfather told me that there are many kinds of sculptures in QuYang city HeBei province. One of the most. The most common is the stone decor sculpture.

Quyang stone carving material has marble, jade wood, ivory, bronze, stainless steel, and so on, its carving skills have round carving, penetrating carving, carving, relief, and other modeling categories, and techniques vary. Quyang stone carving has a wide range of themes, mainly modern sculpture, garden sculpture, and family decoration.

water fountain

Nature stone animal water fountain

A Stone water fountain is one of the more popular stone carvings!

A landscape fountain refers to a combination of artificial sprinklers and water. That is to say. The stone water fountain will push the water through the nozzle at a certain pressure. An assembly of a particular shape, usually a pump, provides water pressure. Therefore, the sculpture fountain has a very powerful visual impact. With the head, the sculpture is not easy to weather the combination, so the environment becomes more attractive. Fountain sculpture and fountain theme set off, the collection of sculpture art, environmental beautification, and other humanistic knowledge. It is the first choice for gardens, parks, shopping malls, and public places.

Stone water fountains set up a certain number of nozzles in the pool, and the water is sprayed into the atmosphere, the formation of small droplets and water, and air contact, to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature. Portland is mainly for the decoration and beautification of the city.