stainless steel metal bike sculpture

Stainless steel cycling sculpture for ornaments in China .This is a stainless steel art .Install in a school Xuanhua city, China . It is a school theme art culture symbol .

Size :tall 1.5 meters ,length about 300cm .

Materials:Stainless steel #304

Surface finish :Welding,Cutting and hand polish finish

Theme :Three cyclists are at liberty in the school …

Meaning:Source of strength. The beauty of sports. A trip to the environment.

A city, a memory,a story ,a group sculptures .

Installation of the outside is facing the door is the “school calendar”. This sculpture implies unremitting pursuit and active exploration. It symbolizes the spirit of perseverance, the courage to pursue and explore. This is exactly what the school requires. The material of (Stainless steel cycling sculpture) is stainless steel. It’s a modern material.If this sculpture is to decorate the campus. Highlight campus vitality. So, it’s more of a symbolic symbol. Its meaning stands for inheritance and purity.

ride on a bicycle sculpture

ride on a bicycle sculpture

The last quarter of 2018.I followed the team to school alone.As one of the installers.I’m so happy.I started a new career with sculpture.

Stainless Steel Artwork , Show Youth And Dreams For School !

The installation of the sculpture went smoothly.I will leave that school soon.I have to keep it all in.So I ran around the school.I want to make some memories.Take lots of pictures of these sculptures.Send to the circle of friends.This is, perhaps, because the installation site is a school.I only studied in school.Think work is far away.It’s luxury.And today, the installation is right next to me.This job accompanies me every day.No.The beauty you see in life is constantly changing.There is no lack of beauty in life.It is the lack of time to discover beauty and discover beauty.This is also the sculpture for me to bring once moved.

steel garden sculpture

steel garden sculpture