stainless steel sculpture

Stainless steel art sculpture . Here, i show a stainless steel case of William . I will show feedback of  William for this statue .We had finished 6 pieces stainless steel art sculpture . Like balloon dog ,balloon flowe steel lover statue and so an.

Create a stainless steel artworks process :

1. Depends on the design. And make 1:1 or 1:10 ( or others )clay models. Then, confirming mold by the customer.
2. If needed, make the steel structure or the internal steel structure for a large sculpture. Cut metal plate depends on mold.
3-5. Cuts the material according to the model and strikes the forging until it is exactly consistent with the model.
6, Polishing, color, installation, and other 20 procedures.

More pictures . More size / color / design / base can chooes for you .

Because the way to make it is to shape the appearance by hitting. So, contrast the surface of the simple structure. An exterior sculpture with flow lines. Suitable for. Not suitable for sculpture with a complicated appearance.

Stainless steel art sculpture balloon dog statue 20190314174103 (2)

Stainless steel art sculpture balloon dog statue 20190314174103 (2)

The Important Process Was Built With Hand-forged!

The most important step is cutting after the forging process. Forging sculpture is the simplest and most primitive tool to use. Use the ductility of metals. I’m going to slice up each of the pieces. By means of repeated blows by hand. Knock each piece into a solid shape that matches the sculpture’s exterior. This process is the hardest. Of course, there are also high levels of noise. For the production workers.With a strict mind and patient requirements.

When we finished forging steps. We need to weld all pieces together. About the color is abundant. For example, paint finish, spraying finish, polish finish, plate finish. So, stainless steel sculpture is colorful and popular. Because stainless steel is a modern material. So, Almost stainless steel sculpture originated in modern times.