Factory popular abstract artwork —– stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture

Where is the beauty of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture?

Recently our factory completed an abstract stainless steel work suitable for outdoor gardens and indoor art galleries. The overall shape of the stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture has a unique design concept, smooth lines, polished and smooth surfaces, and a hollow design. It has its own important place in the art world. The magical work in nature will also give people a unique sense of beauty. When creating sculptures, you can also draw various forms of factors from the beautiful things in nature, and then slightly process the original beauty in nature to form beautiful sculptures. This kind of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture not only retains the natural beauty but also highlights the overall sense, giving the viewer a majestic, simple, and natural feeling. Sculpture works presented by people with different pursuits are also different. As far as a sculpture itself is concerned, smooth lines, coordinated proportions, scattered spaces, the rhythm of shapes, and the matching of colors all make the viewers most likely to have a sense of beauty. key. Sculptures were most often admired by mythological figures at the beginning. They were majestic and robust, with great vigor, vivid and realistic, and gave people infinite power. These stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture works, which are still breathtaking to this day, have a solid realistic foundation and extraordinary ideal creation in common, and they have become the representative symbols of each era. The beauty of this stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture is beyond reproach.

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The abstract concept of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture:

Minimalism and conceptual sculpture urban sculpture work with concise and concise artistic language has left a broad space for the interpretation of the main concept of sculpture and the form of artistic expression. The emergence of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture is the result of the development of modern art. Western modern art has moved from figurative to abstract and has influenced other art categories. Abstract art is modern symbol art. The design of modern urban stainless steel sculpture has absorbed the art form of abstract art and has been widely developed, bringing new interest and new artistic language forms to modern urban stainless steel sculpture. Covered by the giant net woven by the straight lines of the modern building complex, its oblique lines and circular holes appear more lively, breaking through the oppressive atmosphere of the environmental space where it is located. The realistic style of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture in modern cities is still important, and it is widely used in the design of small urban sculptures and garden landscape lights, such as squares, green spaces, parks, pedestrian streets, and various public places. The modern urban stainless steel sculpture with a realistic shape perfectly reproduces the beautiful life of human beings, the pursuit of ideals, and the yearning for art. It is the reproduction of sculpture art to life, and further enhances the artistic charm and infection of urban stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture works. force.

The production process of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture:

1. Make the internal structure of the sculpture according to the artistic structure of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture. And, according to the sculpture proportion to make the stainless steel skeleton. The specifications of the inner frame of the sculpture generally use 12#, 10#, 6.3# channel steel, 76mm*3mm, 50mm*3mm, 32mm*2.75mm pipes, 5*5 angle iron, and so on. From the bottom to the top, from thick to thin, from dense to sparse, it is welded into a sculptured shape.

Before making the internal skeleton of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture, there are a few things to pay attention to. 1. Check whether each incision is flat. 2. The groove of the pipe should have a groove gap according to the regulations. 3. All load-bearing skeletons are fully welded on both sides. 4. After the overall skeleton is completed, use anti-rust paint three times.

2. Use channel steel, angle steel, and other profiles to weld. Also, link all completed partial skeletons. Connect them to the main skeleton of the whole. The advantage of doing this is that. The whole huge structure can be combined and separated very well. It is convenient for later separation and installation. Be careful when connecting. 1. The design of the outline shape and size of each segmented skeleton. Measured with a 1:5 mid-sample model. 2, when all structures are linked. Need to follow from the bottom plane, and take the vertical plane.

3. Step-by-step body forging and making of monolithic sculptural shapes. After completing the skeleton of the overall stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture. We start with the exoskeleton. to forge the outer surface of the sculpture. All large sculpture exterior surfaces are made. Its shape is often irregular. The outline shape of the main skeleton cannot be made to be exactly the same as that of the statue. The stainless steel outer wall also cannot be hung directly on the main bracket. When making, our engineers have to consider the different expansion coefficients of stainless steel metals. Restore the original shape of the sculpture, etc. After the body is forged correctly. It is necessary to weld each part of the block together according to the requirements of the work. There are electric welding and argon arc welding. In the welding of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture, Angjing Technology often uses argon tungsten arc welding, which can obtain excellent welding quality. Because it does not conduct heat easily, stainless steel deforms less.

4. Treating and polishing the surfaces of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture. We generally use stainless steel carbon steel plates (#316 and #304). When polishing stainless steel. First, use a grinding wheel to smooth the welds and excess on the surface of the sculpture. Then, use a soft wheel (cloth wheel) for polishing and sanding. When polishing the surface of a sculpture. Apply the polishing paste to increase lubrication.

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Common production methods of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture

in daily life. Stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture is the main carrier of abstract art. Because stainless steel has the advantages of corrosion resistance such as alkali resistance and acid resistance. It is often used in the production of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture and the production of indoor modern sculpture. There are also 2 types here. 1. Casting. 2. Two kinds of cold work. Here we mainly talk about cold production. That is, forging. before forging. Artisans will design small samples first. After the customer confirms the final small model. Then make a 1:1 FRP model. Through, the model is made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic to make stainless steel. The advantage is that more than 95% of the design details can be preserved.

Method of cold working:
First of all, our workers will divide the outer surface of the entire stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture into many small pieces.
Second, our workers need to link together labeled blocks according to the model.
Again, polish the sculptural surface.

For this larger stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture modeling production. It is unrealistic to directly make the whole piece according to the proportion of the sculpture. We use first block production. The sculpture is then made by combining all the pieces. This method requires the calculation of the skeleton size ratio to be very accurate. Seams and butt joints are very precise. Otherwise, there will be differences. Can not achieve the expected sculpture production effect.

Stainless steel abstract metal sculpture for office decoration:

As an important part of the indoor environment, stainless steel office decoration occupies an important position in the indoor environment and also plays a pivotal role. Recognizing the role of decorative ornaments and playing their role in space design will surely create a colorful human space. The office exists as a whole and at the same time is composed of many individuals. The general indoor space should be comfortable and beautiful, while the office space with special requirements should have a certain connotation. Aongking can match stainless steel decorative art ornaments in appropriate places, which not only rationally utilizes the space but also enriches space. Stainless steel office decoration is an art field that has gradually received attention with the improvement of people’s material and cultural life, which verifies the ten-day famous saying that “beauty is the eternal theme that people pursue after meeting the basic functional needs”. Art decorative ornaments play the role of finishing the space, improving the quality, and enhancing the artistic expression. You can find more finished stainless steel sculptures from Aongking.

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The value of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture in gardens and squares

Aongking can make these stainless steel into large stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculptures suitable for outdoor environments. The sculptures in the sculpture garden exist in groups rather than in isolation, and together they form an organic whole and become the landscape in the landscape. The integration of garden landscape and sculpture landscape is not a simple addition, but eventually becomes a component of each other through the matching and coordination of various aspects. Garden landscapes such as green plants and water bodies are not easy to change the background, so the artistic language such as the physical composition, material, and color of the stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture landscape must be harmonious and unified with the garden landscape. Garden landscape has also become an element or even an indispensable part of sculpture works, and nature and humanities blend and complement each other. The environment and stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture penetrate and contain each other, which will change their original appearance and become a new artistic whole. Stainless steel has strong reflective properties, showing different colors under different light exposure or changing angles, and has a charming visual effect, which is similar to the sparkling water surface. The creative artist uses his keen perception and abstract thinking to find the connection point between the two, and naturally amplifies the advantages of stainless steel abstract metal outdoor sculpture to the extreme, making the content of the sculpture and its environment become enriched.