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Art knows no borders. Artists draw inspiration from film, painting, sports, and various industries to create sculptures. At the same time, sculptures also entrust the spirit and development of these industries. In the modern busy and fast-paced urban life, Sports sculpture has undoubtedly become a carrier to re-awaken people’s muscle strength and sports spirit. From the most ancient horse races, and bullfighting competitions, to the current Olympic Games, and the Olympic Games, the sculpture of each sport endowed with spiritual connotations bring us an appreciation of strength and art. Our sculpture factory hopes to use our power to help you understand the development of Sports sculpture and customize the right Sports sculpture for you.

rings sculpture

The design of the Centennial Olympic Park takes the Olympics as the theme and takes the free plane, characteristic space, and simple shape as the basic principles. Humanized and ecological modern landscape design with personality and place spirit. There are also many famous Sports sculptures here, not only character Sports sculptures but also very meaningful designs. Behind these bronze Sports sculptures, there are different commemorative sports spirits.

Flair Across America

In the games, there are various sports competitions, and each kind of sports sculpture is worth remembering. They are the wonderful moments of athletes and the hardships of the audience. This Flair Across America sports sculpture shows a gymnast with full muscles. As the support of the sports sculpture, a bronze gymnastics ring stands upright on the base. The athlete is covered with muscles. Every detail of the sports sculpture is cast with obvious lines, and we can see the strength of the athlete from the static muscles. The facial features and expressions of sports sculptures are also worthy of people’s respect. The sculpture is dedicated to Olympic athletes and “all who have shown determination and dedication in the pursuit of excellence”

The Quilt of Origins

The Quilt of Origins

This bronze sports sculpture is a very interesting design. The overall shape is a fan-shaped arch, with sports sculptures depicting three running men, each representing an important city and era in Olympic history. 776 BC, the birth of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia, Greece; The first event of the modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in 1896; And the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The overall shape of the arch, through which athletes enter the Olympic stadium, is also implied. This sports sculpture reveals the essence of the Development of the Olympic Games through the development of Greek athletes.

Statue of Baron Pierre de Coubertin 

This athletic sculpture of a figure is no longer just an athlete’s moment, but an actual monument, a statue of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The sports sculpture monument has Greek pillars into which Coubertin walked up the steps, just as coubertin revived the ancient Olympic Games originally held in Greece. At the top of the Greek pillars are the Five Olympic rings, made of bronze, and in the center of each ring are flying doves, symbolizing unity and freedom. On the back of the sports sculpture is a plaque with a quote from Pierre de Coubertin: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not the victory but the participation, just as in life, the most important thing is not the victory but the struggle. The most important thing is not to conquer, but to play well.

Flair Across America sports sculpture Customized:

Once, a client wanted to customize this Flair Across America sports sculpture in their private gymnastics arena. The client sent us the photo after confirming the size and materials.
We started making this sculpture. Our production usually consists of these processes: Creating clay mold, making silicon mold, finishing the wax pattern, making plaster shell, and Burning out the wax. Casting the bronze, then when the bronze is cooled, we will remove the sand shell, reunite all parts of this sculpture and start to weld it all together. Polishing the surface and ready to make patina. And then the sculpture is finished.

Stainless steel sports sculpture:

Now many cities can see sports sculptures in parks. There are various shapes and materials. The most common materials are cast copper and stainless steel. As an important category of urban sculptures, stainless steel park sports sculptures are becoming more and more popular in the market. More and more park sports sculptures are appearing on the streets of the city. The exquisite shape and vigorous posture have attracted the attention of many people. Stainless steel can achieve various color effects, and there are more choices in modeling, whether it is round carving or silhouette, figurative or abstract, it can be completed. Most of the park sports sculpture works are highly decorative and practical; pay attention to the portrayal of the faces of the characters, add color to the statues, and combine sculpture and painting to complement each other, so that the works have the same aesthetic and ornamental value as paintings; The concise language of the sculpture shows a high degree of image beauty. The park sports sculpture is the artwork that can best show the social and cultural atmosphere.