Appreciation of painting and sculpture art in Versailles

On the north-south sculptural profile on the first floor in versailles, there are statues of successive kings and celebrities.


1. Charlemagne life size sculpture
Charlemagne (742—814 AD) was the Carolingian king of the Frankish Kingdom and the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. He established a huge empire covering most of Western Europe. In 800 AD, the Pope of Rome crowned the founding emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and was named the Roman Emperor. He has outstanding achievements in administration, justice, military system and economic production, and vigorously develops culture and education. He was the leader of European civilization and was called the “Father of Europe” by the later world honours.

2. Charles the Hammer marble sculpture
Charlie Matt, also known as Charlie the Hammer, (AD 676-741), the Prince of the Frankish Kingdom. In 737, King Frank died. Charlie Matt did not establish a new king, but directly managed the country in the name of the Prince . During this period, in order to ease the relationship with the Roman church, he actively supported missionary activities and obtained the support of the church. Charlie Matt was 53 years old. Although he did not ascend the Frankish king until his death, he has laid the foundation for his family to rule the Frankish kingdom. His grandson is Charlemagne.

3. Dagober I marble sculpture
Dagober I, it is said that he would rather leave his last words to his dog: “The world is full of banquets.” Since he left an unwritten law, most of the kings in French history were buried in Andene. There is very little history of this king, only some folk songs about him.

3.3.Dagober I

4. Marble statue Louis Dieudone Bourbon
Louis Dieudone Bourbon (1638-1715), self-named the Sun King, was a famous king of the French Bourbon dynasty, King of Navarre, Count of Barcelona, May 14, 1643-September 1, 1715 Day is in place.

5.famous figure Louis Philip statue for gallery
Louis Philip (1773-1850), constitutional king of the “July Dynasty”, during the February Revolution. He abdicated on February 24, 1848, and lived in Surrey, England, where he died in 1850., known as the “Pious Man” or “Wise Man” in history, was the King of France from 996 until his death, and was the second king of the Cape Dynasty.

5.5.Robert II

6. Louis Philip marble bust sculpture
Louis Philip (1773-1850), constitutional king of the “July Dynasty”, during the February Revolution. He abdicated on February 24, 1848, and lived in Surrey, England, where he died in 1850.

6.6.Louis Philip

7.famous Francois I life size sculpture
Francois I was one of the most famous and beloved kings in French history (reigned from 1515 to 1547). During his reign, the prosperous culture of France reached a climax.

7.7.Francois I

8. Regent Philip Orleans marble statue decor
Regent Philip Orleans, nephew of Louis XIV. After the death of Louis XIV, his descendants died before him. The throne was passed on to his great-grandson Louis XV, who was only 5 years old. Because he was too young, the regent Philip Orleans was in power until 1723.

8.8.Regent Philip Orleans

9. Laplace marble décor sculpture
Laplace is a famous French mathematician and astronomer, the founder of analytical probability theory, the forerunner of applied mathematics, the main founder of celestial mechanics, and one of the founders of astronomical chemistry.

10. famous René Descartes bust marble statue
René Descartes (1596-1650), a famous French philosopher, scientist and mathematician. He is considered the father of analytic geometry for formulating the geometric coordinate system. He is also the founder of modern western philosophy and the pioneer of modern materialism, and he put forward the proposition of “universal doubt”.

Besides these, there are many famous people who are respected by people. Besides seeing them in the exhibition hall, some people will have their sculptures made to commemorate them.

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