pieta statue copper

Pieta statue is a church decoration . The story is that ST mary holding a dead Jesus statue for being known as famous western religious artwork. The original version was created by Michelangelo. Today, I will talk about a statue version created by Aongking-sculpture. It is placed in Pablo’s home yard in the USA. You can find more Pieta statues on Aongking.

Date of Creation:10 2018
Number :AK-(869) Size :Height(cm):155.00 and 180.00 Figure-Art Movement: Renaissance
Created By: Kuker
Current Location: Denver City, USA
Displayed at: Pablo’s home garden
Owner: Pablo

We see a mother is sat swathed in robes and cradling a lifeless son. His head flops back against her shoulder and his legs are supported by his mother’s arms.

There is a copper material statue, not a stone material sculpture. When I got an inquiry from Pablo. Firstly, he needs a marble statue. He needs it decoration he’s home garden. As usual, I give him a quotation from the natural Hunan marble Pieta. But, I can receive emails from Pablo. Then, I send some pictures which my factory-made before to him. He told me that he does not need a heavy statue ( about 1300 kg ). I offer a copper Pieta statue ( about 500 kg ). It’s not too heavy and will keep you outdoors for a long time. He is so happy. He is so happy. We start order …

pieta face statue

The Pieta statue was created by Michelangelo in 1498. And, it was requested by a French Cardinal to decorate his tomb. During this time the Pieta was a Gothic piece that was primarily famous in France and Germany. But not Italy. Nonetheless, Michelangelo accepted the commission and made his first trip to Cararra to find the best quality marble.

pieta statue in copper 20190318180942

pieta statue in copper 20190318180942

This Story Was Built With God!

This famous work of art depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. The structure is pyramidal, and the vertex coincides with Mary’s head. The statue widens progressively down the drapery of Mary’s dress, to the base. The figures are quite out of proportion, owing to the difficulty of depicting a fully-grown man cradled full-length in a woman’s lap. Much of Mary’s body is concealed by her monumental drapery, and the relationship between the figures appears quite natural. Michelangelo’s interpretation of the Pietà was far different from those previously created by other artists, as he sculpted a young and beautiful Mary rather than an older woman around 50 years of age.

Mother has the features of a beautiful young lady rather than the mother of a fully grown man.