Patina sculpture——Anna Chromy sculptures

Patina sculpture artwork is a very attractive existence. Its appearance has a variety of magical chemical reactions, which make the sculpture show different artistic styles. It is generally accepted that the natural color of bronze is brown. But the natural color of premium bronze is actually gold. We’ve all seen the natural patina on the Statue of Liberty, how historic it is. The beautiful green color of the Patina sculpture is the result of decades of air and moisture reacting with the copper in the bronze. While natural patina may have streaks and spots, it is favored by antique bronze collectors because Patina sculpture imparts a sculptural character that takes years to fully develop. Today we take a look at a type of modernist sculpture-Anna Chromy sculpture through this unique and charming Patina sculpture.

Anna Chromy

Anna Chromy, considered by many to be an authentic European. Kraumi often draws inspiration from music, especially opera; also classic dance, and ancient mythology. Her various sculpture works such as guitarist, dancer, and violinist, we can all see the source of inspiration from the fluid posture, her paintings, and Patina sculpture works reveal a surreal style, she uses The color has a light and thorough feeling. Chromy’s most famous Patina sculpture is The Cloak. When we see her work, we are drawn to the elegant quality of these sculptures. Her various Patina sculptures originate from the European classical sculpture tradition. Let us think of that classic European cultural history. But her Patina sculpture also adds her own life element to it. Not only is it a heritage of classics, but her Patina sculpture is also a sculptural legacy that renews an elegant example. Chromy integrates these life experiences with myths and legends and describes the vitality of sculpture and the restart as the source of a new culture in the way of the appearance of gods. Her Patina sculptures are not a body, they are all loaded with life and soul, and you can savor these Patina sculptures carefully.

The Cloak

Maybe many people will feel a little scared when they see this Patina sculpture for the first time. To experience it carefully is a kind of vicissitudes. Like the things that will allow us to survive the vicissitudes of life on this earth. Just a coat of mind. The surface of this Patina sculpture is treated with patina. The surface is mottled, and the person’s toes and hands are slightly bronzed. It is difficult to see what is in the central void of the sculpture. We can customize this Patina sculpture to the right size for you, and we carefully cast every tiny detail. The hollow part of this cape Patina sculpture is filled with our soul, our conscience, and our creativity, and these are the very things that give us immortality.

The Cloak


This is the Anna Chromy Ulysses patina sculpture with a huge pose, the overall image is of a helmsman holding the rudder in both hands. This patina sculpture applies two qualities of bronze. The body of the helmsman is treated with patina, the turban and the rope wrapped around the body are golden, shining very dazzlingly. The contrast of the two colors deepens the characteristics of the sculpture. The shadow of dance can also be seen in the body posture of patina sculpture, which adds artistic flavor to patina sculpture. “When the wind blows into your eyes, our souls give us wings”. It was these wings that gave Ulysses home. When we were young, we conquered on our journeys; when we were old, our roots began to tug, leading us back to the port from which we first separated. Ulysses patina sculpture has also become a symbol.

Musicians and dancer –The mandolin dancer

This group sculpture patina sculpture, the prototype is the fountain decoration of the square, five different musical instruments, people with different arts are showing their vitality. The patina sculpture fountain consists of musicians and a dancer, symbolizing the music of the five continents. The violin player represents the Danube in Europe, the trumpet player represents the Mississippi in North America, the flutist represents the Amazon in South America, the mandolin player represents the Ganges in Asia, and the dancer represents the Nile in Africa. This patina sculpture is very famous, you can also add a classic old town vibe to your city and environment. The characteristics of this patina sculpture also confirm the sculptor’s inheritance of classical culture, especially the inspiration from opera; it also includes classic dance and ancient myths.

Blindfolded Musicians

Alcyon sculpture

Just like the name of this patina sculpture, the spirit of birds is given to people. The pillar of the sculpture is designed as a stainless steel crooked moon. At the top of the moon is a flying woman. She is naked, with big flying wings growing out of her back. The copper green of her body makes the skin more textured. And the golden decoration on the edge of the wings becomes the highlight of the sculpture, and below the patina sculpture is a man, the partner of this woman. The kingfisher plunged into the ocean, looking for my mate, and then dissipated in the quest. This patina sculpture by the sculptor is inspired by the acrobatic flight of seagulls, which is noble, elegant and free. Year after year, the same pair of seagulls build a love nest together and raise their offspring. This patina sculpture also contains a kind of loyal spirit, fearless for her partner, and the energy released becomes her wings.

Alcyon sculpture

Each Anna Chromy patina sculpture has a profound source of inspiration and life inspiration for us. Each and everyone is a flexible figure, with the free gesture of a dancer. Every muscle is cast with real power. The combination of this patina and gold is a good interpretation of the collision of chemistry. Every classic patina sculpture can be used to decorate your private environment or as a spiritual symbol of the city. Let everyone find the direction of their hearts through her patina sculpture. You must be wondering how these beautifully textured patina sculptures are created. To apply the patina, the artist reheats the bronze sculpture using a roofer’s torch or temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then apply the chemical with a brush or spray bottle. Once the desired color is achieved, the sculpture is rinsed with cold water to stop the chemical reaction. Once the desired color is achieved, two coats of wax are applied to the sculpture while it is still warm to seal the patina. If you want to know the specific introduction, you can see our Aongking website. The color of the patina sculpture is especially important. And it is necessary to find the best tone that harmonizes with both indoors and outdoors. The existence of patina sculpture is a kind of classic inheritance and natural magic.

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