2511, 2020

Saint George and the dragon sculpture

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 Saint George and the dragon sculpture Throughout history, there have been many heroes, warriors, who are brave and fearless. They have made great contributions to the protection of people. In order to commemorate the heroic heroes, people have built sculptures of them. It's like a sign, it's like a patronus. Today we go back to the 11th century,

2411, 2020

Alberto Giacometti Sculpture

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 Alberto Giacometti Sculpture Art interests me greatly, but truth interests me infinitely more. —Alberto Giacometti 1. Who is Alberto Giacometti? To mention surrealist art, we have to say, Alberto Giacometti, was a Swiss sculptor, painter, draftsman, and printmaker. Giacometti was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. His work was particularly influenced by artistic

2311, 2020

Appreciation of painting and sculpture art in Versailles

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 Appreciation of painting and sculpture art in Versailles On the north-south sculptural profile on the first floor in versailles, there are statues of successive kings and celebrities. 1. Charlemagne life size sculpture Charlemagne (742---814 AD) was the Carolingian king of the Frankish Kingdom and the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. He established a huge empire covering

2311, 2020

life size Ladislaus I sculpture

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 Ladislaus I, King of the Alpadrans of Hungary 1. Who is Ladislaus I? He was the son of Bela I and his mother was Princess Riceja of Poland. Born in Poland. When Ladislaus I ascended the throne, he temporarily put an end to the feudal aristocracy. The Invasion of 1085 and 1091 was repulsed by the Pechenegs and

1311, 2020

Louvre Sculpture

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French Louvre Sculpture Appreciation In France, I admired some of the sculptures in the Louvre, the priceless art treasures, the incomparable artistic conception of genius, and the religious stories that shocked the soul. I have been wandering in my thoughts and lingering. The Sculpture Hall of the Louvre Museum in France was established in 1817. There are

511, 2020

Animal Sculpture Sculptor | Hamish Mackie

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Full of African flavor Animal Sculpture sculptor ----- Hamish Mackie Hamish Mackie, an independent animal sculpture artist, his otter series has won my heart. Compared with Nick's works, his sculptures are more rugged and unruly, and it is this ruggedness that makes his works. "African flavor" is full. Primitiveness and wildness are synonymous with him. The conscious scraping

1902, 2020

Stainless steel art sculpture from a blue balloon dog

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Stainless steel art sculpture . Here, i show a stainless steel case of William . I will show feedback of  William for this statue .We had finished 6 pieces stainless steel art sculpture . Like balloon dog ,balloon flowe steel lover statue and so an. Create a stainless steel artworks process : 1. Depends on the design. And

612, 2019

Stainless steel sculpture

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Stainless steel sculpture for Ms.Fra (Export to Mexico).. Here, for privacy reasons . I'll just call her "Ms.Fra" on the story of the sculpture. Mainly for introduction . As a decorative sculpture for company . Original bill of lading is required in her country . In my career of salling sculptrues . Export artworks to other countries. Generally

2705, 2019

Stainless steel water drop sculpture for public park

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Stainless steel water drop sculpture. Our modern society and economy fast development . The quantity and quality of commercial space is also increasing in our city. We make many sculptures. For improving the artistic atmosphere of the commercial space. Today ,we will talk about stainless steel sculptures for public park. Much of the commercial space is decoratived in

1803, 2019

Pieta copper statue

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Pieta statue is a church decoration . The story is that ST mary holding a dead Jesus statue for being known as famous western religious artwork. The original version was created by Michelangelo. Today, I will talk about a statue version created by Aongking-sculpture. It is placed in Pablo's home yard in the USA. You can find more

1003, 2019

Famous bronze sculpture man-bust statue

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Bronze bust statue is a great job for Mr Sanjay..He is kind.When received he feedback . I am so happy . This is a good feeling for me .But, we were starting/(modify) the clay mold of man when I  was in trouble..He was demanding and strict with sculpture . We revised it many times during this period .

603, 2019

bronze deer statues

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These life-size bronze deer statues was custom made for one of our American customers (Mr. Tomas).  He is a caring person. He special like wild animal. So that, he wants to make a group deer sculptures for his home-garden . Fristly, he send me a pictures like this. Then , i offer for him . Fortunate, he accepted

3011, 2018

Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso

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The beauty of volume——Bronze Botero sculpture the male torso Some very gorgeous hotels, or a very eye-catching sculpture on the city square, can become the symbol of the city, and even attract the attention of passers-by, and our sculptures generally use very classic artworks. This one is Botero's very classic Bronze Botero sculpture work. Bronze Botero sculpture the

1910, 2018

Copper sculpture versus stone sculpture in the artistic value 2

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Recently, a client said: "the forging of the stone may be much less.But ,the copper sculpture is cast.So, there is a theoretical possibility of replication." We often caused the two kinds of sculpture form, the value of the dispute.Here ,showing pieta statue which my factory made before. Copper statues has a long history and mature technology. The casting

2209, 2018

Stainless steel cycling sculpture for outdoor decor

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Stainless steel cycling sculpture for ornaments in China .This is a stainless steel art .Install in a school Xuanhua city, China . It is a school theme art culture symbol . Size :tall 1.5 meters ,length about 300cm . Materials:Stainless steel #304 Surface finish :Welding,Cutting and hand polish finish Theme :Three cyclists are at liberty in the school

1109, 2017

Appreciation of stone statue sculpture ( marble ) (2)

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Follow up on the above . Appreciation of stone statue sculpture ( marble ) (1) Marble art sculptures one side. Have a three-dimensional image of space. It is more vivid than painting. The other side is not like painting. It shows us the artistic meaning directly and delicately. Of course, it is not as broad and free as painting.

2308, 2017

Appreciation of stone statue sculpture ( marble ) (1)

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Stone sculpture, from the understanding of the external morphological characteristics of the work to start.Distinguish between categories. Look at whether the image has a sense of laughter. Compatibility with the environment. Then, analyze the ideological content of the work. The author's artistic skills. In the end, I will experience the connotation and creativity of the work. If a

2103, 2017

Copper statue versus stone statues in the artistic value 1

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Stone carving and copper casting sculpture (Copper statue versus stone statues). Degree of outdoor weathering.. For example, white marble sculptures are easy to black . And difficult to clean. We used granite in sculpture. Due to the high hardness and stability of granite. It is difficult to be corroded by the acidic substances in the air. And it

703, 2016

David statue

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David statue is a sculpture of naked western men made by my uncle.Today, i will be telling how carving original figure statues ( Depends on carves process of famous statue ). This is made by us for a Qatar customer ( Mohamed from Rgbs ) . The height is 220 cm and the weight is about 1500 kg.

2007, 2015

Black horse sculpture in bronze for garden decoration

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Bronze black horse sculpture made by Mr Hu . Tall 2.5 meters,with bronze ,patina matte black color , export to the UK . It let me know that I'm proud. MR. Hu tell me that " I grew up in the village, like horses, cattle and so on.When he grew up, he took up sculpture.But when I was

1107, 2015

Fiberglass sculpture of knight

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Fberglass sculpture of knight as a hotal decoration from UK. Mr N was particularly pleased with the sculpture . We finished a good art sculpture with together. The sculpture will show new value from the hotel redundant spaces .Show more commercial value for hotel . That's the exciting thing. Fiberglass sculpture visual aesthetic .That is to say ,will

1203, 2015

Are you look for a shop arts? The colorful fiberglass sculptures explained

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Fiberglass sculpture visual aesthetic . And commercial value.We can find fiberglass statues everywhere ,now. The mall.The park.The coffee shop.A place of entertainment.Moreover,the snack bar. 1.1 Commercial value That is to say ,will good be more money for the mall / shop to bring . However ,we chose a good sculpture as a decoration for shop. What we need understand?

1203, 2015

How are the custom bronze statues created?

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At Aongking we are dedicated to bringing you custom bronze statues that will suit your individual interests. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Customization is Everything Humans beings have diverse tastes, styles and preferences. It is not every day that you find the sculpture you have always pictured in your