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Stainless steel, a modern fashion material, is slowly entering our lives. Many metal garden art sculptures have various shapes, and their shapes all come from life. As the saying goes, the simpler the art, the more classic it may be. These inconspicuous small objects in life become the inspiration for large-scale metal garden art sculpture. Iron is a commonly used tool in furniture. When we enlarge this, we make it into a delicate stainless steel iron metal garden art sculpture. Did it attract the attention of many people? How did such a peculiar existence come about? What are the characteristics and styles of various metal garden art sculptures?

Simple style of Metal garden art sculpture

The attractive and timeless nature of Metal garden art sculpture itself requires that sculpture art not only stay in the visual aspect, but also need to focus on the expressive aspect. Emotional aesthetics and visual aesthetics complement each other. The simple and abstract shape of Metal garden art sculpture itself is exactly the same. The pursuit of a meaning, the reason for simplicity is not to reproduce life, but to extract the essence and fully express the corresponding meaning. Generally speaking, the simple shape is to simplify the key factors in the design of Metal garden art sculpture, such as constituent elements, materials and colors, etc., and simplify them to a minimum level, so that the theme itself is more accurate and clear, so as to improve the Metal garden The expressive power of art sculpture itself.

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Metal garden art sculpture in the garden landscape:

Metal garden art sculpture refers to the sculpture as the core landscape in the garden, which consists of a number of different terrains, rocks, water bodies, plants, garden corridors, garden roads, and relatively complete and independent sculptures that participate in them. sight things. In garden landscaping, a complete garden landscape sculpture must be composed of garden space, metal garden art sculpture, and participating public interaction. Three factors are indispensable. In garden landscape sculpture, metal garden art sculpture is often the main body of the entire landscape, the core factor in the entire landscape, and has an important impact on the shaping of the entire garden space. The landscape of metal garden art sculpture can give people a stronger visual impact. In many landscapes, it can often become an impressive visual focus.

Conch metal garden art

The surface polish of metal garden art sculpture is the charm of stainless steel metal garden art sculpture. Metal garden art sculpture has various shapes. Including, geometric sculpture, circular sculpture, abstract sculpture, etc. Its content is richer and has excellent plasticity. In the process of making stainless steel metal garden art sculpture. Surface polishing is an integral part of the detailing of stainless steel works. It is the charm of stainless steel metal garden art sculpture. The process requirements are very high.

The surface of stainless steel metal garden art sculpture is generally engraved and polished by a polishing wheel, and polishing wax should be provided when using the polishing wheel. The polishing wheel should be placed in the center of the shaft and tightened with a wrench. The average linear velocity of the polishing wheel surface can obtain the polishing effect. So, if the buffing wheel is too large equip a smaller motor. The linear speed will drop a lot during polishing, which will affect the polishing effect.

There are many polishing methods, as follows:
1. Mirror polishing, compound grinding, polishing: the combination of mechanical method and chemical method.
2. Mirror polishing, grinding polishing: belong to electrochemical polishing and chemical polishing.
3. Mirror polishing machine grinding and polishing: mainly include: grinding wheel polishing, sandblasting polishing, grinding polishing, extrusion polishing.

Metal garden art sculpture three-layer polishing method:

1. The first layer of polishing. Matte finish on stainless steel sculptures.
Just after welding, the surface of the stainless steel metal garden art sculpture is very rough. Moreover, the surface has symmetrical straight lines. Generally, the abrasive cloth with a particle size distribution of 80-200 is used to polish the 2A or 2B board once.

2. The second layer of polishing. One-sided surface polishing.
As the first layer after polishing. The surface reflection of stainless steel metal garden art sculpture is not strong. Therefore, a second layer of polishing surface processing is carried out. The second layer, the processing process is. Polish it once with a coarse abrasive first. Finally, it is ground and polished with an abrasive with a particle size distribution of 180.

3. The third layer of polishing. Make the surface of stainless steel metal garden art sculpture bright and beautiful.
This is in addition to the second layer of polishing. Because, after the second layer is polished. It will also leave fine scratches. The general application is the 2A board or the 2B board, which is polished with chemical fiber or cloth polishing wheel plus polishing paste.

4. The last layer of polishing. Mirror glass polished finish.
The high transmittance is generally called mirror glass surface processing because the image on the reflective surface is very clear. The stainless steel plate is continuously polished with a fine abrasive and then polished with a very fine polishing paste. This operation is repeated.


One of the important components of metal garden art sculpture in sculpture art is text, animals, plants, rocks and modern abstract sculptures. They are like cypresses or huts among flowers and plants. They naturally grow there, making the viewer a visual feast that calms and warms the mind. The theme and image of metal garden art sculpture should be in harmony with the environment. There should be an appropriate ratio between metal garden art sculpture and the size of the space. The orientation and context of the metal garden art sculpture itself make the sculpture complement the landscape. Due to the influence of modern western art, modern metal garden art sculpture is mainly carried out in the form of decorative figures and animals. In a limited time and space environment, the artistic theme of the sculpture is combined in the form of rhythm and rhythm. Successful metal garden art sculptures do not depend on their own size, but on the author’s full grasp of material technology and environment. The creation of metal garden art sculpture is to shape the shape, use the modeling language to decorate and create the environment, and give people the enjoyment of beauty.

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