Historical Memorial and Modern Decor-marble portrait bust

If you want to choose a suitable marble portrait bust for your home, Angjing Sculpture will create the most sentimental marble portrait bust for your home with professional aesthetics and professional carving craftsmanship. It’s not just the making of an item, we’ll carve your emotions into this artwork with our understanding of the character. Not only does the marble portrait bust represent an artistic aesthetic, but it also humanizes in a way that more abstract sculpture cannot. The creation of each character is a touch. Our factory has completed a batch of exquisitely carved marble portrait busts, which are full of beautiful decorative effects and emotional sustenance in various places and various groups of people. We would like to introduce you to this modern and unique art. Let you feel the modern charm of a marble portrait bust.

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The traditional role of marble portrait bust:

A marble portrait bust is a sculptural portrait resting on the neck (or sometimes the chest). This goes back to Egyptian times, but there isn’t much documentation on why the Egyptians only made marble portrait busts and not entire sculptures. The bust we all recognize now is a Hellenistic Greek invention (although it was a bust from the last five centuries of Egypt) to record each person’s most distinctive features. The marble portrait bust is usually used to record portraits of individuals. The reason why the ancient Roman art marble portrait bust can be passed down from generation to generation is self-evident. Our marble carvings endow them with different looks and different ages, allowing us to feel the vicissitudes and honors they have experienced from the marble portrait bust. Marble is truly an amazing material, and every color shows an inviolable beauty. More and more people are customizing marble portrait busts to depict their favorite person or their appearance. This commemorative piece of art can be used as a gift or a sense of ritual for the family.

Historical sources of marble portrait busts:

Decorative marble portrait busts have a long and storied past, and they’re making a big comeback. They have a long history as a classic icon of traditional design and a long-term fixture in museums. As a traditional people, Roman citizens considered family and ancestors to be particularly important in their lives, so they always strived to show the utmost respect for their roots. For example, in the case of a nobleman’s death, wax masks of the deceased were made and placed on the altar of the family. The family used to order a marble portrait bust to be placed on a shelf in the atrium with other deceased family members, apparently, The ancient Roman marble portrait bust became a symbol of great wealth, thus carving portraits of the living family itself. The Greek statue idealized the human form, while the Greek marble portrait bust leaned toward beauty because they believed that those who had virtue exuded beauty. The Roman marble portrait bust is more anatomically accurate, including warts, wrinkles, blemishes, and more. This similarity to real individuals was highly valued among the Romans. The Greek marble portrait bust was created to represent idealized athletes and gods, while the Roman marble portrait bust represented real ordinary people with natural beauty and flaws. The purpose of shaping and displaying the stone is to be remembered forever.

Advantages of marble portrait bust carving:

The marble portrait bust format (as opposed to full-body sculpture) is easier to make, more space efficient, and can be made with a wider variety of materials. It’s much less work and more economical. The medium used can be wider, it is not used for full-body sculpture because it does not have the power of the sculpture to stand. With marble portrait busts, they were able to focus on more details that would otherwise be overlooked in the whole piece. These marble portrait busts also provide craftsmen with greater creative space, as they are not limited to the small-scale decorations they are accustomed to. Whether you mean classical marble portrait busts or other types, they all boil down to four main categories, all based on how they were made, regardless of the material: molded, cast, engraved, or assembled. You may choose from several versions: just head and neck, the head, neck, and portion of the chest, the head, neck, shoulders, and full chest, or the head, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.

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What are the common types of marble portrait bust?

Roman characters marble portrait bust, generals and soldiers of Roman characters emerge in endlessly. They put armor on their country and territory to kill their enemies. Their achievements are worth remembering. And marble portrait bust is like a very direct way. These pieces are usually supported by a base. Each marble portrait bust wears a different style of armor, some with gray capes, some with beautifully carved armor, which is an encouragement and honor for the soldiers. The brilliance of ancient Roman art lies in the sophistication and delicacy in the majesty. Scholars marble portrait bust, they have left brilliant theories and contributions to future generations in their respective fields. Such talents are worthy of being our idols. A marble portrait bust sculpts their wise appearance and demeanor, looks at them, and gives Our ideals are more clearly guided. Or the classic goddess in Greek mythology, with a beautiful and moving face, which gives us a very beautiful feeling. The marble portrait bust of the goddess Aphrodite is placed in many interiors as decoration, and the white sacred marble is matched with beauty, More moving. Modern character fashion marble portrait bust can also be customized as an encouragement to a person, use suitable marble stone, the magic of nature to carve the most real face, as well as musicians, athletes, stars, every famous or ordinary character All can be carved into marble portrait bust. .

The application of marble portrait bust in modern times:

The classic marble portrait bust can work in any space, from traditional rooms to more unexpected modern ones. Also, these marble portrait busts don’t have to be white. We might associate classical antiquity with white marble, but the Greeks originally rendered their gods and models in bright colors. The art of sculpture with a long history has been passed down to this day, and it has not lost much of the essence of artistic feelings but has been integrated into modern households with a new attitude. As long as we add a little bit of whimsy and place these marble portrait busts in the right places, they can almost make us feel the breath of life. The humanoid marble portrait bust represents an energy that you will add to the space. In these bright marble portrait busts, each light creates a different atmosphere in a different room. The range of these materials is vast as artists continue to expand their creativity. Even within the realm of classical statues, there are different types and styles to consider for your interior decoration marble portrait bust. Still, others take on classic styles with a modern twist or whimsical features. You can use marble portrait busts in the garden, bookshelf, table, bookshelf. . .