Love themed sculptures

Since ancient times, people for love, especially for the music of the faithful love never interrupt, love has always been what people desire, there are many ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign and strange beauty love stories, such as butterfly lovers in China and abroad of Romeo and Juliet, and so on, one day move love story has been in touch with us.
Some love sculptures focus on the creation of happiness, while others depict sadness and beauty. Happy smiles emerge from the faces of the characters, and sad parting overflow from the corners of the eyes. Every emotion is very touching, which is the soul of love sculptures.
Love is so wonderful, no matter at what age, can not stop the occurrence of love, and the feelings between lovers will be thicker and thicker with time. Love of youth, love of manhood, love of eventide. Each love sculpture tells a moving story.

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1. Love of youth
Some people say that love in youth is just germination, just impulse, but love this thing, regardless of age, the heart felt is the most real thing.
(1)Statue of Paul and Virginie
This statue is based on the famous love story of Paul and Virginie in Mauritius. The ship they were on sank on a rock. Although Paul tried to swim out of the wreckage to save Virginie, she refused to take off her clothes and swam ashore. She drowned. Paul, too died soon after.
The sculpture of them sitting together, Paul’s eyes are full of her, and when Paul holds her, he is so careful that anyone who sees her will feel Paul’s love. Love is not afraid of life and death.

(2)The kissing student fountain

The boy held an umbrella in one hand, and the girl’s excitement in embracing her lover could be seen from her cocked feet.The student couple held each other tightly as if trying to carve each other into their own bodies as the rain from the umbrella so creatively flowed the fountain. This group of sculpture fountain can always let us recall the love of our school days, pure and beautiful, the beginning of the long separation of love.

2. love of adult
Adult love may need to face the test of many things, some very happy can lead to the palace of marriage, some have to face separation, no matter which kind, put each other in the heart.
(1)Departure bronze statue
The couple sat on a park bench to rest, the girl crouched in the man’s arms, the man’s side has a big travel bag, the man is going to travel, they must be very reluctant to leave each other, W in the man’s arms, the woman’s face is comfortable expression. Whether or not they will leave the next moment, at least at this moment they are happy. Believe that no matter where they are, there will be deep thoughts in their hearts.

(2)The Dance life size bronze statue
In this sculpture, a couple dances on a wheel. They are dancing in complete joy on their wedding day . She has brought her husband a rose to symbolize the gift of her heart. He wears his sidearm to fulfill his new role as protector of his mate. The Dance represents the final re-union, When the wheels turn countless times, their hearts will eventually come together and reach a balance in this dance of life. “The Dance” represents the final reunion, marriage of the female and man – “heart” and “mind” joined together in balance as ONE…

The Dance

(3)The kiss sculpture by Rodin

This is a couple hugging and kissing naked by Rodin. The smooth, soft skin of the human figures he sculpted contrasted sharply with the rough surface of the rock on which they sat. Some people see the romance of kisses, the immortality of love, and some people think that it is the obsession of the secular people with eros. No matter what kind of view, kisses are always exciting. Love is always moving. Rodin immortalized the kiss of life with the charm of bronze, the kiss of eternal life that still infuses millions of people around the world.

3.The sunset of love

Walking down the street and seeing those old couples. There will be a kind of envy in everyone’s heart. From the day together, there are noisy, there are surprises, there are hardships of life and surprises, together hand through life so far road, when the eyes are spent, hair is white, the side or the familiar lover. Their love is like the setting sun, even if it is about to set, but it is also so beautiful scenery.

The sunset of love bronze statue will give a person vivid and freeze – frame feeling. The old couple sat together on the bench. The old woman leaned her head on the shoulder of the old man with a calm expression on her face. The old man also looked at his beloved very kindly. Every wrinkle is not only a sign of age, but also the result of love.There is no doubt that only the material of copper can carve such immortal love.

In addition, we can also customize a lot of sculptures about the theme of love, such as kissing lovers, young lovers, parting at the station…

No matter how The Times change, how the society develops, how the seasons change, love always has its tenacious vitality, is always our permanent topic, If you want to commemorate your love, or customized for loved ones, you can send me your favorite design or picture, we can customize, romantic, moving love into the soul of the sculpture.

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