Ladislaus I, King of the Alpadrans of Hungary

1. Who is Ladislaus I?

He was the son of Bela I and his mother was Princess Riceja of Poland.
Born in Poland.
When Ladislaus I ascended the throne, he temporarily put an end to the feudal aristocracy.
The Invasion of 1085 and 1091 was repulsed by the Pechenegs and the Polovites.
1091 conquered Croatia and Bosnia and installed governors there.
In his reign, he made three codes of law.
In 1095, Ladislaus died suddenly while preparing for the First Crusade.
Almost a hundred years later, Pope Enoch III canonized him in 1192, and later legends describe him as a devout “knight king” and “the ideal embodiment of late Medieval chivalry in Hungary.”
Because he was a much-loved Christian and saint, many churches in Hungary and neighboring countries were built to worship him.

statue of Ladislaus I

2. How do we make this sculpture?

The client wanted to make a statue of him to commemorate his great deeds. We first confirmed the size and details with the client and then started to make the sculpture.

Firstly, our artist will create the 1:1 clay mold depending on the pictures/ drawings confirmed in the contract, when finishing this clay mold, we will send all different views pictures to the customer, When our customers are satisfied with all details of this clay mold, then we go ahead.

Secondly, make silicon mold, finish the wax pattern. Then making plaster shell, burning out the wax.

Thirdly, Casting the bronze, Bronze material will melt in a crucible furnace until they transform into a molten liquid, then we will hand-pour molten bronze into this hollow sand shell under the temperature of about 2000 F.

Finally, sandblasting and welding, patination, this sculpture is complete.

total process

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finished sculpture