Factory custom Geometric Stainless Steel Animal Sculpture

The geometric section shape is full of modern technology and complements the architectural shape. The huge scale and the transformation between the faces in the shape allow the colors to bring rich changes over time with different light. The geometric bull shape is composed of large blocks of geometric shapes. The entire east façade is a glass curtain wall with a ceiling and a floor. Therefore, the sculpture is designed to hold the glass curtain wall with one hand and stick out its head curiously. The overall scale is just right, so that it can attract attention from a distance, and it will not affect the framing picture of the main peer area. Stainless steel bull geometric sculptures are mostly abstract shapes, the overall sense is simple, elegant and fashionable, coupled with the silver-white color of stainless steel itself, with good gloss, from different angles, different positions, and different lights, there are different aesthetics. . After a series of processes such as design, modeling, building, polishing, grinding and coloring, stainless steel sculpture products have exerted the potential of stainless steel and attracted people’s attention.

white bull

Geometric  Stainless Steel bull Sculpture Production–3D model of bull

​​Geometric sculpture art gives a sense of simplicity and speed. There are two ways to make a cut-face bull sculpture. One is the common one. First, make a hard model, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic and foam, and then according to the model, carry out the production steps such as cutting, welding, grinding and coloring; the second is to first make a 3D drawing, then directly cut the board according to the 3D drawing, and then perform welding. The geometric sculpture is an indispensable part of the public environment, and the stainless steel deer sculpture is organically combined with the environment, which can give full play to the special role of landscape sculpture and the environment. This can make up for the lack of expressive function of the general environment because the general environment cannot or is not easy to express certain ideas concretely. The size and scale of the sculpture and the space where it is located should be in an appropriate proportion, and the orientation, color and relationship with the background of the stainless steel bull sculpture itself should be considered, so that the stainless steel bull sculpture and the garden environment complement each other and complement each other.

Application of 3D Model Making in Geometric stainless steel bull Sculpture

Sculpture creation is similar to painting creation. Most of them are plane hand-painted drafts at the beginning, and then superimposed and beautified the effect, while the sculpture creation is further scrutiny in the physical space. Modern rapid prototyping technology automatically materializes the digital model generated by 3D scanning and stainless steel sculpture design software and transforms the virtual data state into a three-dimensional state. During the creation, the preview of the rendering effect and the three-dimensional shape can be realized, which greatly saves the sculpture’s creation. The investment of time, material, etc. can be omitted. Modern rapid prototyping technology has gradually penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives and has emerged in the field of sculpture creation. Modern rapid prototyping technology has obvious advantages in reducing material cost, time cost, and dealing with complex structures. It can materialize two-dimensional information data into images and three-dimensional physical sculpture in a short time.

Welding technology of geometric stainless steel animal sculpture:

The application of welding technology in the creation of metal sculpture is represented by Gonzalez and Picasso. It is an unrepeatable metal sculpture method that is accompanied by the emergence of modern art. In the history of world sculpture art, it opened up a new field for sculpture production and material application, and also marked the advent of a new era. At that time, the artist personally completed the cutting of the metal. Then reassemble, weld, and create and make metal sculptures in the most direct way. His works are often a combination of a single entity and different blocks, restricted by technology, and his metal processing technology is limited to a certain extent.

Modern welding equipment, techniques and materials are the first choice for today’s sculptors to create metal sculptures and realize their ideas. Sculptors apply modern welding equipment and technology to the artistic creation of metal sculptures, and give full play to their creative inspiration, so that modern metal sculptures are no longer simply the accumulation of the inherent material form and formalism of metal. Modern high-tech welding technology and equipment have greatly expanded the means of making metal sculptures. With the reform and opening up, Western culture and art have had a great impact and influence on local culture. People’s minds are further emancipated, and Chinese modern and contemporary art has been greatly developed. The development history of local metal sculpture is very short, at best it is more than ten years, but many sculptors have been trying, exploring and making such works. In terms of technology, it basically sticks materials together in situ, creating some abstract or semi-abstract works.

Precautions for the production of geometric bull stainless steel sculpture:

The main point of the production of sectioned animal sculptures is that the lines should be straight and the sections are clear, so that they look good. If the lines are curved, the shape and sections will not be clear, and the overall look will feel awkward. To achieve straight lines, you must ensure this when making models, and then you must be careful in the process of reproducing, using skilled workers to reproduce, and pay attention to keeping the lines straight. The internal skeleton must be strong, because once the large sculpture is not strong, there is a possibility of an accident. In order to avoid accidents, the internal skeleton of the sculpture must be firm before being packaged and installed securely. In addition to size and shape, the cost of this faceted animal bull sculpture is also directly related to the number of facets. Under the same size, the more cutting planes, the more complex, the higher the cost, and the less easy it is to achieve the effect of a straight line. We will quote according to the customer’s drawings. If there is any unreasonable place, we will optimize the drawings to ensure that the sculpture is presented in the most reasonable shape.

Geometric stainless steel animal sculptures have become very popular in recent years. Many people have seen geometric deer sculptures, geometric bear sculptures, etc. In the square in front of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church, a giant red panda sculpture attracts tourists. Note that this panda sculpture is a faceted shape. In China’s Chengdu International Finance Center, there is also a huge cut-faced panda sculpture, which is placed on the roof of the building and is 15 meters high, attracting too many people. This bull geometric stainless steel sculpture completed by our factory is also very suitable for urban decoration. The expression of abstract geometric style in decorative sculpture is a common modeling technique in modern sculpture. It is an abstract art that does not aim at depicting specific objects. It is composed of points, lines, surfaces, bodies and basic geometric shapes. All kinds of emotions stimulate people’s imagination and thinking. These geometric modeling elements can give people different aesthetic feelings, such as the expansion and contraction of points, the calm and openness of straight lines, the dynamic and softness of curves, the stability of regular triangles and the fullness of circles, etc., which can make people have different visual feelings. and psychological reactions.