French Louvre Sculpture Appreciation

In France, I admired some of the sculptures in the Louvre, the priceless art treasures, the incomparable artistic conception of genius, and the religious stories that shocked the soul. I have been wandering in my thoughts and lingering.

The Sculpture Hall of the Louvre Museum in France was established in 1817. There are 27 exhibition halls and more than 1,000 exhibits. The sculptures here are very exquisite art treasures, with a history of hundreds or even thousands of years. Each sculpture has a story, most of which are Greek myths or stories from the Bible.


1. Winged Victory of Samothrace

This is an ancient Greek stone statue in the 3rd century BC and the treasure of the Louvre town palace. Although the head and hands of the goddess are mutilated, from the well-preserved torso, the heroic and elegant aura of the goddess can still be felt, which gives people the enjoyment of beauty.

Winged Victory of Samothrace

2. Venus de Milo

This is the Venus that everyone is very familiar with, and it is also the treasure of the Louvre. It was discovered by a Greek peasant in 1820 when paving the ground. It is said that when the excavation was unearthed, Venus’s right arm was drooping, his hand was on the clothes, and the left upper arm was stretched over his head, holding an apple. Unfortunately, her arm was broken and she became a broken arm goddess, but her incomplete beauty is still considered the greatest artistic miracle of ancient Greece

Venus de Milo statue

3. Sleeping Hermaphroditus

The most bizarre intersex sculpture in the Louvre. Look carefully, he has both chest and crotch. His name is Helmaphrodite. He is an ancient Greek mythical character. He is a handsome boy. He was attracted by the water fairy Sarah Mathis. She was not attracted to her. In order to be with the handsome boy, she found the main god Zeus. Ruan Mo Hard Pao asked him to unite himself with the handsome guy, and the handsome guy became like this when he woke up. It is said that the beautiful woman with a broken arm is the handsome boy’s mother.

Sleeping Hermaphroditus statue

Most of these sculptures are made of marble. It looks like this mattress is absolutely leather-like. That’s marble. In the era without electricity, it was polished by hand, not to mention the exquisite craftsmanship. The skill of manual polishing is simply incredible.

Sleeping Hermaphroditus statue

4. Squatting Aphrodite

This is also a Greek goddess. The work captures the moment when the goddess is bathed and cleansed. Although the body of the statue is incomplete, it gives people a very full and harmonious and sexy visual enjoyment. The hands on the back of the goddess seem to be children, Yes, its statue is missing.

5. The old centaur was teased by Elos

This work was made in the second century BC. Centaur is a docile animal in Greek mythology, and Eros is the little love god in Greek mythology.

The old centaur was teased by Elos

6. Diana of Versailles Marble Statue

Works from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, the sculpture shows Diana carrying her sika deer, drawing an arrow from the quiver behind her with one hand.

7. Simon and Perot

This is “Cimon And Pero” by the famous painter Rubens. A young woman showed her breasts shamelessly, and an old man with disheveled clothes was sucking her nipples.

Simon and Perot bronze statue

Simon and Perot bronze statue

Most people who see this sculpture will be surprised or feel embarrassed, but the people of that country are in awe or moved to tears in front of this sculpture. The same sculpture, some people ridicule and ridicule, some people call it a “sacred painting”. Why?

In fact, many people don’t know that it has another name-“Father and Daughter”. The bare-chested young woman is his daughter, and the disheveled old man is her father. Simon is the hero who fought for independence for Puerto Rico, but was imprisoned and convicted of “real ban”. The old man died dying, his daughter just gave birth to visit his father. See his father’s debilitating body, do not want his father died into a hungry ghost. She took off her shirt, gave her breast milk to her father.This sculpture expresses a strong father-daughter feeling and patriotism.

8. Philopoemen hurt

Philopoemen, a Greek military strategist renowned for his courage, has been wounded during a battle. As he pulls out the javelin that has been hurled through his thigh, his face expresses both his pain and his fierce determination to return to the fray. While depicting a heroic antique-style nude, the sculptor has added movement, controlled energy, and an expressiveness that shows his Romantic aspirations.

Philopoemen hurt marble statue

9. Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss

It portrays the moments of love in mythology and is regarded as an outstanding piece of neoclassicism, and it also bears the characteristics of the emerging romantic movement. Cupid, the goddess of Eros, awakened the deceased Pusica with a kiss. This sculpture is showing the love and tenderness of Eros.

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss

10. First secret confidence to Venus

First secret confidence to Venus

Every sculpture in the Louvre contains one story after another, and each one can be called the best art in the world.