antique famous design knight man statue

Fberglass sculpture of knight as a hotal decoration from UK. Mr N was particularly pleased with the sculpture . We finished a good art sculpture with together. The sculpture will show new value from the hotel redundant spaces .Show more commercial value for hotel . That’s the exciting thing.

Fiberglass sculpture visual aesthetic .That is to say ,will good be more image for the hotel to bring commercial value. However ,we chose a good sculpture to enter the hotel. Ifthere is a well ‘guide’ the consumption value . What do we think ? I think that it is a qualified the sculpture for a hotel .  Most importantly,as a concept of attracting customers to the art of consumption. Firstly, choose a theme that fits your hotel.Secondly, is color and style. Both integrate into the hotel value space.

Fiberglass sculpture of knight .This is an employee . More surprise . It doesn’t need a salary yet..

Fiberglass, the materials is made of resin, fiberglass, and talc . Ther ,show more outline clay mold .



Fiberglass ,our called plastic (FRP), known as GFRP.

This The Production Process Is Roughly(Fiberglass sculpture of knight)!

The clay or cut foam. And, then make a mold (negative mold). In the turn of glass steel. With caustic soda washing surface. Water grinding, priming, hole filling, polishing, color.

Fiberglass sculpture of knight

Various soldier sculptures

Subsequently,FIBERGLASS materials because of its unique performance advantages . So,we used fiberglass statues been widely used in hotel.Art gallery sculpture, decorative studio sculpture, home furnishing, advertising room, arts and crafts sculpture.Decoration and others related industries.We give a highly praised.Fiberglass arts is business demand darling in the new era .FRP statue products are also different from the traditional material products. On the other hand ,in the performance, use, life properties greatly better than the traditional products. Its easy modelling, can be customized, the characteristic of colour is dispensed at will, the favour that gets businessman and seller deeply.Certainly ,occupy more and more large market score, the prospect is broad.