Famous bronze sculpture

Bronze bust statue is a great job for Mr Sanjay..He is kind.When received he feedback . I am so happy . This is a good feeling for me .But, we were starting/(modify) the clay mold of man when I  was in trouble..He was demanding and strict with sculpture . We revised it many times during this period . Meanwhile, I was desperate. However, because we have a professional art team . Finally , let Mr Sanjay to this artwork is very satisfied. ( The first clay sculpture is quite different from the final work ..wow)

There is an old saying in China  :” it is difficult to print a man or a tiger or a bone. ” Although, this is used to describe the existence of appearances. And, the fact that they can’t figure out what is inside.But, we are choosing a meaningful character sculpture. It is especially important to choose a professional artist with outstanding skills for you .

Famous bronze sculpture of famous people are often seen in museums.Historical memorials, study parks and other places.Mainly to commemorate the role of Chinese and foreign celebrities mainly.In order to commemorate the contributions of these people to the world. And ,make these bust sculptures, public.

bust sculpture statue

Modify in the bust sculpture statue

modify clay statue

modify clay statue..

it is possible to use it in painting.But,the sculpture that we often say is to point to carve, casting, blacksmithing the general name of 3 kinds of creation method.Cutting is to reduce the volume of materials to achieve the purpose of the creator. However ,weldting is the use of those who have the bond of the material. Through the method of stacking . Joint mould to create our own images to achieve the purpose.For example,we are familiar with clay STATUE, copper artwork ,iron flowepot and so on.

feedback of bust statue 20200310172259

feedback of bust statue 2019100310172259

This Statue Was Built With Copper Materials !

Size 1.2 meters tall . And 1.05  Width.” ( The Bust Of Man ) by LuCiLi, Creating in September 2019. This statue an example of a famous real persons. Very popular during the Modern and Renaissance.

Famous bronze sculpture

Famous bronze sculpture -more bust sculptrue 2019100310172259