custom made statue of David

David statue is a sculpture of naked western men made by my uncle.Today, i will be telling how carving original figure statues ( Depends on carves process of famous statue ).

This is made by us for a Qatar customer ( Mohamed from Rgbs ) . The height is 220 cm and the weight is about 1500 kg. Here are the detailed packing drawings .You should look at the packing and the cases in detail. The stone sculpture is heavy. So,outside used 3CM standard wooden crate (most of others only have 2CM thick) .inner in plastic or foam.

1, Children statues : children as the object of sculpture. There are mainly two kinds of stone carving and bronze carving. Often used to express a childlike innocence.Often used in parks, amusement parks and urban landscape sculpture.
2, Celebrity statues: sculpture of famous people at home and abroad as the object of sculpture, such as chairman MAO, Einstein, etc.Mainly used as a memorial sculpture, as people look up to the famous person and recall.

3. Ancient figure sculpture: this part of the sculpture is mainly carved with ancient figures as the object. It is generally used in urban landscape sculpture to reflect social life and express some positive feelings.

4. Western figure sculpture: this part of sculpture is mainly artistic figure sculpture, generally used for artistic expression, to express the artist’s aesthetic, emotional and ideal art.

David statue. The statue shows a powerful young naked man with a strong body.Firm expression.Full muscles and vitality, who seems to be able to feel the pulse of blood vessels in his body.Highlighting David’s tall image as a hero .

David statues in marble

David statues in marble

custom made marble statue

custom made marble statue

custom made stone statues

custom made details of stone statues

David statue :Draw the outline — 2,reduce waste — 3,arrange fine the shape — 4,carve with care — 5,polish:

  • Step 1: Draw the outline before to find a location. This step can be said to be the design blueprint of the carved statues.It is the basis of the sculpture. That is to say ,it relates to the success or failure of the art figure overall shape. Generally ,Hunan nature marble,SiChuan nature marble,MS nature marble and granite.. by used in my factory .
  • Step 2: After the outline of the figure is drawn. The extra parts outside the outline are cut off. Certainly,the method of using both manual. And ,mechanical methods will greatly improve the efficiency of sculpture.But,we method by hand of using .
package and shipping David statue

package and shipping David statue

(The David is carved using a circular carving technique)

  • Step 3: After reducing waste. but ,also the shape of a statues. That is to say , play rough, will be some small part of the lions do accurate positioning. and ,roughly carved.for examplt, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, feet.Such as ,the base of the outline at this stage will show out .Also, sketch out and dig out areas that need to be hollowed out.This step is very critical in the whole process of lion carving.A slight mistake will have the David’s nose, eyes, such as the possibility of the slanting. The requires carving master with superb open face skills.
  • Step 4: This working procedure also calls to make fine.iT be in namely the foundation that makes rough will detail line all sketch out.IT will carve fine part clear. Reoccupy the place that grind head, knife to wait to need to repair is trimmed clean.
  • Step 5: The first- is to sand the stone. first with a coarse sand stone to the figure’s more rough surface grinding. then, with fine sand stone grinding again;The second-is to use emery cloth grinding. emery cloth is compared with the grinding wheel, it is much more delicate, on the basis of the good grinding wheel, first with coarse emery cloth to play the whole body.then, with fine emery cloth to play again.In this way. Polish the David from head to foot, polishing every tiny part.