Copper statue versus stone statues

Stone carving and copper casting sculpture (Copper statue versus stone statues). Degree of outdoor weathering..

For example, white marble sculptures are easy to black . And difficult to clean. We used granite in sculpture. Due to the high hardness and stability of granite. It is difficult to be corroded by the acidic substances in the air. And it is suitable for display in the open outdoor space. Therefore,we often used to express the eternal and stable themes. Such as,  memorial sculpture, most of which use granite not marble. In ancient China. We widely used stone. Such as garden sculptures in the han dynasty. Large memorial sculptures in front of tombs. And cave art in the tang dynasty.

Bronze sculpture also has its special language. Bronze itself gives people a feeling full of cultural connotation.And its texture has a kind of power impact. Therefore, although it is relatively easy to be corroded, it is still used for large-scale outdoor works.

The weakness of copper is that it will oxidize.If the casting process does not pass.The work will appear trachoma.Green spots, long-term weather, will slowly rust.But, as long as the casting quality is good.The chance of rust spots is not high.And in recent years the monitoring of copper sculptures is quite strict.This situation has become very rare.classical David statue


Close to clay mold . We need a buatful sculpture . Firstly, artist need make a clay mold . Then ,worker will make stone / copper statue depends on this clay mold.

As far as my worker is concerned. Because he like to do portraits. Now he were older. After all, he can’t cast stones every day. So it is more feasible to make clay manuscripts . And then cast bronze sculptures. To make a portrait. The stone originally has its unique advantage. But,with the continuous development of copper casting technology. Basically can guarantee the accuracy of 95%. The stone statue is against the original to knock the stone. There will always be some deviation. Similarity of 85% is not bad.

This More Point Was Built (Copper Statue Versus Stone Statues)!

However, realistic portraits require a high level of facial expression. And make high similarity clay mold. Weight . Shipping . Even package.