Bethesda Fountain-bronze angel statue

When it comes to bronze angel statue and fountain artwork, there are many design styles. One of our most popular angel sculptures recently is the Bethesda Fountain, located on the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. The fountain wows every eye with its backstory and character sculptures in its design. Our Bethesda fountain is very popular, the bronze casting is very beautiful, and each part embodies the artistic charm of the figure sculpture. Bethesda Fountain is very large, divided into upper and lower parts, this neoclassical bronze angel statue, also known as the angel of water, below depicts the “Bethesda angel” in the Bible lying on the base, surrounded by Four little angels representing “health”, “purity”, “peace” and “temperance”. Their backdrops are fresh leaf sculptures, bronze angel statues with three-dimensional features and delicate wings. Water spouts and cascades into the upper basin and surrounding pools.

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The bronze angel statue Beautiful meaning of fountain:

bronze angel statue, the figure that eventually reaches the top of the fountain, can be seen as a representation of God, and therefore of love itself. But first there is the story of the sculptor, whose trajectory can be seen as the incarnation of love, found and then lost. This bronze angel statue of Bethesda Fountain brings hope to women across the city, with the angel herself holding a lily in one hand and the other outstretched, ready to bless the water gushing from her feet into the pool at the base of the fountain. bronze angel statue Bethesda Fountain The new pure city water flowing from the fountain is linked to the healing power of the biblical pool. The Bethesda Fountain revolves around a belief in mystical healing. The Gospel of John says, “Now there is a pool near the sheep market in Jerusalem, which is called Bethesda. After the turbulence of the waters, whoever comes first will be cured of his disease.”

How to make a bronze angel statue?

The customer wants to customize a bronze angel statue fountain to decorate the center of the yard of his villa.
1. First, we need to determine the size and proportion of the bronze angel statue, and then make a 1:1 clay mold. The mold’s wing details and character’s face are very detailed. We will send the picture of the mud film to the customer and continue to modify it until the customer is satisfied
2. Make a silicone mold and complete the wax model. Then a plaster shell is made and the wax is burned off. Casting, welding and polishing the bronze angel statue, our workers are professional in every step of the process. They have solid expertise and decades of practical experience.
3. Coloring and finished installation. The color of some bronze angel statue copper itself will be very beautiful, but more need to be sprayed with other colors to get close to the texture of the sculpture itself. The bronze angel statue is sprayed with a layer of black or patina to create a different theme and atmosphere.
4. When the bronze angel statue is finished, we will pack it into a container and ship it out.

Why choose us to make bronze angel statue?

(1) We have professional engravers. The masters of our factory have decades of carving experience, almost all of which have been passed down from their parents or grandfathers. They are very good at making these famous angel sculptures and know every part and every detail of them very well.
(2) Timely customer contact. When starting to determine the size, we will propose the most reasonable size according to the location of the customer’s home. When we make sculpture clay models, we will take photos and send them to customers, even if it is a small detail, no matter how much we modify, until the customer is satisfied.
(3) Competitive price. We will provide suitable prices according to different sizes and materials, and give customers the lowest price to the greatest extent. When there are discounts for some festival activities, we will tell customers as soon as possible.

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What other beautiful bronze angel statues?

Our beautiful bronze angel statue is very pure and divine, which is very compatible with the element of water. Some are bronze angel statues, a beautiful woman standing on a stone, wearing a cheap skirt, holding a plate in her left hand, and holding a bunch of flowers in her right hand, which has become a very exquisite art in the middle of the pond. There is also a bronze angel statue with retro features, waving her hands Arms and wings, holding a small wine glass in the hands as the spout of the fountain. The belt around the waist is cast with a beautiful retro pattern. Our bronze angel statue alone artwork is also beautiful. We can cast all those famous western bronze angel statues for you.