Black horse sculpture

Bronze black horse sculpture made by Mr Hu . Tall 2.5 meters,with bronze ,patina matte black color , export to the UK . It let me know that I’m proud.

MR. Hu tell me that ” I grew up in the village, like horses, cattle and so on.When he grew up, he took up sculpture.But when I was a child, I lived with animals.Gave me the power to make sculptures now. And aesthetic vision.Of course, I also know Michelangelo. Knows the discus thrower. Venus with a broken arm. David. I work a lot with sculpture. I have made decorative sculptures for many cities.  Among them. This horse sculpture impressed me deeply. It’s not just how great it is. Instead, within a year of the customer’s installation. It attracts a lot of tourists, ‘ you told me from the client . It brings a lot of opportunities for cultural and economic exchanges in the city.  This makes my memory fresh. I am pround of this black horse sculpture ! ”

Yes, it right . You recognize us . The city recognizes us . We hade much to be proud of sculpture which we made. If the city is compared to a beauty. However ,the sculpture is the beauty of the eyes . We are soul of the eye.

Anything sculpture.It’s not for nothing.The art of no story.The same is true of the horse sculpture.It jumps and neighs.The client wants them to be forceful without overdoing it.This is the “artistic eye” that deals with the culture of the city.You could say.It is the city’s simplest cultural symbol.Even out-of-towners.New to the city.Also through street sculptures.Have a general understanding of the city’s history and culture.In this way, the sculpture of the city is like a bright card.Show off a breathtaking charm.

horse sculpture for city

horse sculpture

This Is A City Art ,More A Buliding In Heart ! We hope We Can Bulit ” EYE “All Over The Wolrd .

Not only animal sculptures has a long history and unique charm as an art form. Figure statue and others are same. Because of its strong visual effect.Deep feelings.And the immortal artistic vitality independent of the world. Urban sculpture is a form of sculpture art. It is also a plastic art of public space.

The horse sculpture can represent meekness and wisdom. It can enrich the spiritual and cultural life of city residents. Record and perpetuate the history and culture of the city. Warmer the city. The matte animal color is a detail of the city. A permanent card. Colour and lustre often attract citizens to take a group photo. Because its power is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Its sound of  memory travel through the past and the future etc.