Auguste Rodin Sculpture

When we think of sculpture, we soon think of Rodin, the world-famous French sculptor. It is generally considered to be the founder of modern Auguste Rodin Sculpture.

He has many famous Auguste Rodin Sculpture in his career, such as The Age of Bronze, The Gates of Hell, The Thinker, The Burghers of Calais, Monument to Balzac, Adam sculpture, falling man, The Three Shades, The walking man……. Of course, these sculptures are not only found in various locations in various countries, but also in the Rodin Museum.

Rodin sculptor is a famous man, also rodin bronze sculptures are famous sculptures. We’re going to focus on one of his Auguste Rodin Sculptures—-The walking man.


The walking man Auguste Rodin Sculpture is his most well-known ‘incomplete’ figure. This is a disjointed man who expresses movement and strength, and who walks without his head or hands. But under this mutilated body, the viewer can feel the infinite kinetic energy contained in the work.

1.How to make the walking man Sculpture replica?

Firstly, We need to confirm the size and scale of the sculpture.then make 1:1 clay mold. The musculature of the mold is very detailed. We will send the pictures of the mud film to the customer and keep revising them until the customer is satisfied

Secondly, Casting ,Welding and Polishing, Our workers are very professional at every step of the process. They have solid expertise and decades of hands-on experience.

Thirdly, Coloring and Finished installation. The color of some Auguste Rodin Sculpture copper itself will be very beautiful, but more need to be sprayed with other colors to get close to the texture of the sculpture itself. The walking man is sprayed with a layer of black to highlight the incomplete and mottled theme.

Finally, when the sculpture is finished, we’ll put it in a container and ship it.
2.Why choose Aongking Sculpture?
(1)Professional sculptors. The masters in our factory have decades of experience in carving, almost all of them have been handed down from their fathers or grandfathers.
They are very good at making these famous sculptures, and they know every part and every detail of them very well
(2)Kindly contact with the customer. When at the beginning of confirming size, we will propose the most reasonable size according to the location of the customer’s home. When we make sculpture clay mold, we will take photos to send customers, even one little detail, No matter how much modification is required until the customer is satisfied.
(3) Competitive price. We will offer the right price according to the different sizes and materials, and give the customer the lowest price to the greatest extent.
When there is a discount for some holiday activities, we will tell the customers the first time.


Maybe we can’t go to museums very often to see the famous Auguste Rodin Sculpture, but we can make a replica and put it where we want it at home.
No matter what material, no matter what design, we will be the best to complete it.