Appreciation of marble art statue sculpture

Follow up on the above . Appreciation of stone statue sculpture ( marble ) (1)

Marble art sculptures one side. Have a three-dimensional image of space. It is more vivid than painting. The other side is not like painting. It shows us the artistic meaning directly and delicately. Of course, it is not as broad and free as painting. And ,the relationship between events. And ,the development process.

There is others statue stome for your reference. Modern bust statue.Perfect nude art sculpture. Mother and Child statues .More,artistic sculptures with story meaning and scene meaning…

custom made sculpture marble 20200323155824

custom made sculpture marble 20170323155824

(2) Appreciation of stone statue sculpture ( from ) – background connotation appreciation method.

Any good marble artwork. It’s all a product of The Times. People has the historical inevitability. We looking at a handwork of art. And, should stand in the aesthetic height of The Times. We put the artwork in the context . Likewise,we look for creation background is necessary . After that ,understand the social relationship of the work . in addition,pay attention to the historical background of the work. In other words, to have a deeper understanding of its beauty.

maeble statue art

maeble statue art 20200323155859

(3) ( from ) – according to the characteristics of the method of appreciation!

The art of stone sculpture showed very rich. For examplerom, people ,animals,fish , insects,wind power .  That’s what it represents. On the other hand,human characteristics are its main manifestation. Ancient sculptures often represent people through gods . Or ,deified objects. Such as, the mermaid, the sphinx, the religious gods. Them have certain characteristics of people. If, strip away the mystery of religion. Those gestures were born. Different looks. A statue of an eclectic god. Both represent physical and spiritual beauty.

stone decoration statue

stone decoration statue

In conclusion, If you want to appreciate a good stone sculpture.In fact, it is not an easy thing. Its emotion, beauty, social background and so on. We need to know. Let alone the environment in which he was writing. I talk about Three options of appreciation of stone sculptures.That’s helpful for you .