Alberto Giacometti Sculpture

Art interests me greatly, but truth interests me infinitely more.
Alberto Giacometti

1. Who is Alberto Giacometti?
To mention surrealist art, we have to say, Alberto Giacometti, was a Swiss sculptor, painter, draftsman, and printmaker.
Giacometti was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. His work was particularly influenced by artistic styles such as Cubism and Surrealism.

Alberto Giacometti

2. Why did he make elongated figures?
In the 1940s, during World War II, Giacometti started to make thin, elongated figures with blurred outlines suggesting the human form seen from a distance. He said that full figures seemed false to him and that only when represented as long and stylized were they faithful to his vision of human beings.

3. What are his works?
He has many well-known and famous works, such as Alberto Giacometti’s City Square, Man’s pointing, Horse sculpture, Wire sculpture, Three men walking II, Dog sculpture, Standing woman, Grande femme, Falling man, The chariot, Woman of Venice…. Each of his sculptures embodies his artistic brain

4. How to make an Alberto Giacometti sculpture?
Once, a client wanted to customize an Alberto Giacometti reproduction sculpture in his house for decoration. The client sent us his preferred design—, confirming the size and materials.
We started making this sculpture.


1. Our factory makes 1:1 clay mold until the customer confirmed.
2. Casting and Welding and Polishing
3. Coloring and package
4. Finished installation


5. The advantages of our company:
Aongking can recommend the appropriate size according to the position of the customer so that the customer can choose the most satisfactory one.
Like the sculpture below, we have detailed measurements:
1: 45*25*81
2: 13*15*68
3: 18*10*72
4: 45*42*70

Of course, in addition to this small tabletop decoration, we can also make life-size sculptures.

Giacometti once said that he was not sculpting figures, but sculpting “shadows”
If you like his art, his unique artistic ideas, like his elongated figures sculpture, please contact us, we will use the most delicate sculpture to satisfy you, and let you feel the story. Mode Giacometti sculptures  artwork.